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What’s Paint Thickness Gauge

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    Utilizing a paint thickness gauge is as simple as inserting it on the floor the place it’s essential do your paint thickness check.  However what do you do when the readings you get are removed from the anticipated values or the readings hold altering from one level to the subsequent on the identical check materials?

    Understanding what a paint thickness gauge is and the way it actually works will clarify to you the place these variations come from and how one can right them in an effort to confidently use the instrument in your high quality checks.  Maintain studying to get extra data and solutions on the working ideas, purposes, and benefits of this check instrument.

    What’s Paint Thickness Gauge?

    A paint thickness gauge (additionally known as a paint meter or paint depth gauge) is an instrument used to measure the thickness of paint coating in a non-destructive approach.

    It has a sensor that measures the space between the highest layer of paint and the physique below the paint and this measured distance turns into the paint thickness worth learn in microns.

    Software of Paint Thickness Gauge

    Paint thickness gauges are used broadly in several industries due to their non-destructive nature for course of and high quality management functions.  A number of the purposes the place paint meters are necessary are;

    High quality management; used for course of high quality management in manufacturing vegetation throughout the software of paint that requires uniform coating.  Examples of those are steel constructions industries.  A paint thickness gauge ensures the paint coating is throughout the anticipated requirements for the actual product or trade.

    Within the automotive trade for paint job high quality prognosis.  Automobile paint thickness is examined earlier than buying a automobile, throughout repairs of dents or broken paint jobs, insurance coverage evaluation, and through removing of floor scratches.

    Understanding the paint thickness studying can be necessary in ascertaining whether or not a automobile has been repainted after it left the manufacturing unit.  A automobile could also be repainted both as a consequence of an accident or on altering of its authentic colour. 

    In infrastructure to find out the standard of anti-corrosive coating on constructions which are consistently uncovered to moisture resembling ships and bridges.  That is necessary in evaluating the outer materials’s efficiency and checking the fabric life span.  Additionally it is used as a approach of checking the integrity of the outer covers and thus the general high quality of those constructions.

    Benefits of Paint Thickness Gauge?

    Moveable, and quick diagnostic technique.  It’s a light-weight and compact instrument that makes use of ideas which are capable of measure the paint thickness inside just a few seconds.

    Measurement stability and precision.  It has a digital show giving steady readings and excessive precision giving readings as little as 0.1-microns, with a plus or minus 2 – 3% accuracy.

    Exhibits the kind of steel on the digital show.  The instrument offers particulars of the kind of physique/ steel below the paint.  That is necessary, particularly for high quality management, pricing, and insurance coverage functions.

    It may be used to verify the paint thickness on a number of factors on the identical merchandise.  If repairs or repainting has been accomplished on a small portion of the merchandise, for instance, a dent on the floor of a automobile.  Measuring a number of positions will present totally different values and expose this data which may have been hidden from a purchaser.

    It’s a low cost technique of thickness evaluation.  In contrast to the harmful strategies of paint thickness evaluation, the price of the job won’t enhance irrespective of what number of occasions the instrument is used throughout measurement.


    A paint thickness gauge is an instrument used for checking the depth of paintwork on a floor.  Paint thickness values are necessary for industrial purposes resembling within the steel and automotive industries to verify on the standard of paintwork and thickness of supplies compared to trade set requirements.

    NDT-KITS is a provider of various sorts of paint thickness gauges which are simple to make use of, have excessive accuracy, and have a variety of purposes. Regardless of the trade you’re in or what you propose to make use of your instrument for, NDT-KITS has a paint thickness gauge that could be a good match for you.

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