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Automatic or manual... which car is best for city driving? understand

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    If we talk about transmission in cars, then broadly two types of transmission are available in cars, one automatic transmission and the other manual transmission. Cars with manual transmission are cheaper than cars with automatic transmission but cars with automatic transmission give more comfort to the driver. In such a situation, whenever a person goes to buy a car, it is very likely that he gets confused about automatic transmission and manual transmission car, which of the two to buy. That is why, if you are looking to buy a used car in the city, then today we will tell you some things related to this, on the basis of which you can easily choose between automatic and manual car.

    city ​​traffic
    If you live in a city where there is a lot of traffic, then an automatic car can prove to be a better option for you because there is no hassle of changing gears frequently in an automatic car. In this you do not have to press the clutch again and again.

    If you want that you do not have to work hard while driving, then an automatic car is better for you. As we mentioned above that in an automatic car, you do not need to press the clutch again and again to change gears, hence your foot gets rest.

    However, if we talk about the price and you want to buy a car at a lower price, then you should take a manual car as compared to an automatic car. Because, the cost of manual cars is less than that of automatic cars. It can fit in your budget.

    running cost
    Here you also have to keep in mind the cost of driving the car. Manuals are believed to give better mileage than automatic cars. However, there are some cars in the market whose mileage remains almost the same with both automatic and manual transmission.

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