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Cooler tank is leaking! Make an old cooler like new by adopting these easy tricks

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    Summer season has started now. People have started using AC, fan and cooler in their homes. Now the heat has started falling so much that people are getting AC installed in their homes. However, coolers are still used in many homes. The reason for this is that not everyone can afford AC. Cooler gives better and cooler air in less budget. But now every year you will not be taking a new cooler.

    Now as the cooler gets old, many problems start coming in it. The cooler fan also starts running lightly and water starts dripping from the cooler tank. Sometimes water leaks from the tank of the new cooler. If this is happening to you as well, then you do not need to worry, because we are going to tell you, therefore, some such measures by which you can prevent the leakage of the cooler.

    If the cooler tank is leaking from a large area, you can cover your cooler tank with epoxy putty. This putty is easily available in the market. You empty your cooler first and dry it then pour the epoxy putty into a bowl. After this, mix it and apply it on the leaked place. Apart from this, cover the tank completely with putty. Wait till it dries. After drying, the cooler will set completely. After some time you can check by adding water to the tank.

    You can also use waterproof tape or MC to prevent leakage of your cooler. This tape is available in the market. For this, first dry the tank thoroughly and cover the leakage part completely. Can cover the hole from the outside and the underside. Your cooler will also be fine and money will also be less. If you want, you can also apply mc rubber or clay on the hole. You can paint the inside of your cooler's tank to make it last longer.

    This will keep the cooler looking new as well as avoid leakage. Because the water paint works to fill the hole in the cooler and the cooler does not drip. From the inside you can paint three times. If the cooler has started to drip excessively or the tank has started to deteriorate, then instead of replacing the cooler, replace the tank. If even after this the leakage is not stopping, then new tank designs can be done from the market. For this, you will have to give the size of your cooler to the shopkeeper. Then he will make you a new tank and give it.

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