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Firefox not Working on Windows 11? Here’s the Fix!

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    Firefox is one among the hottest internet browsers obtainable on-line. Firefox is a free, open-source, cross-platform internet browser developed by the Mozilla Company. It comes filled with a wide selection of privacy-centric options that make our looking expertise safer. Firefox is obtainable for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and different platforms.

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    However what if Firefox refuses to load after upgrading to Windows 11? Unable to open Firefox on Windows 11? Don’t fear. We’ve acquired you lined. On this put up, we now have listed just a few options that may show you how to resolve the “Firefox not working on Windows 11” difficulty.

    Why is Firefox Unresponsive on Windows 11?

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    If Firefox is unresponsive or not opening on Windows 11, then it's most likely as a consequence of a scarcity of reminiscence. If the Firefox app is consuming a excessive share of system assets in the background, the app could fail to load on your machine. A browser normally freezes when there isn’t further reminiscence or house to allocate new duties or requests.

    Let’s get began and use the below-listed workarounds to get the Firefox browser useful once more on Windows OS.

    How To Repair Firefox not Working on Windows 11 Concern

    Answer 1: Terminate the Firefox Utility

    If any of the Firefox is caught in the background, then power quitting the Firefox might help. You need to use the Windows Process Supervisor to terminate the Firefox app. Here’s what it is advisable do.

    Faucet on the search icon positioned on the Taskbar, sort “Process Supervisor” and hit Enter.


    In the Process Supervisor window, swap to the “Processes” tab. Search for “Firefox” in the checklist after which right-click on it and hit the “Finish Process” button to terminate the app.


    Reboot your machine after which relaunch the Firefox browser to see if the difficulty was resolved.

    Answer 2: Run Compatibility Troubleshooter

    Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter can be utilized to verify whether or not the Firefox app is appropriate to run on the put in Windows model.

    Find the Firefox app’s icon on the Desktop, right-click on it and choose “Properties”.


    In the Properties window, swap to the “Compatibility” tab.

    Now, observe the on-screen directions to run the compatibility troubleshooter on your machine.

    Answer 3: Restore the Firefox App

    Windows provides you a built-in restore characteristic that helps you resolve frequent errors and bugs. To restore the Firefox app, observe these steps:

    Launch the Settings app, and swap to the “Apps” part from the left menu pane. Faucet on “Apps and Options”.

    Scroll by way of the checklist of apps and search for “Firefox”. Faucet on the three-dot icon positioned subsequent to it after which choose “Superior Choices”.


    Hit on the “Restore” button. Observe the on-screen directions as listed on the display screen.

    Answer 4: Launch the app in Troubleshoot Mode

    Firefox provides a particular troubleshooting mode that can be utilized for diagnosing underlying points.

    To launch Firefox in Troubleshoot mode, maintain the Shift key after which double-click on the Firefox app’s icon. Hit on the “Open” button.


    As soon as the app launches in Troubleshoot mode, head to the Settings after which disable all the add-ons. Exit all home windows after which relaunch Firefox to verify whether or not the difficulty was resolved.

    Answer 5: Refresh the App

    Maintain the Shift key after which double-tap on the Firefox icon. Faucet on the “Refresh” button. Utilizing the Refresh choice will load Firefox to its default settings. It provides you a recent begin to repair efficiency points, errors, and glitches.


    Await some time after which relaunch Firefox to verify if the app is functioning correctly on Windows 11.


    Right here have been just a few easy troubleshooting hacks to repair the “Firefox not opening on Windows 11” difficulty. You need to use any of the above-listed strategies to repair the Firefox app on Windows. Additionally, if nothing works, then you possibly can attempt uninstalling the app after which obtain it once more on your machine. You possibly can even swap to alternate browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, or Microsoft Edge till Firefox will get up and operating once more!

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