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Good News! Now withdraw money from 3 accounts from only 1 ATM card, this is a special facility…

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    There is a big good news for the customers of Punjab National Bank (PNB), the country's second largest public sector bank. PNB has brought a new facility for its customers. All the banks in the country give only one ATM debit card to their customers on one account. Your debit card is linked to the same bank account. But now PNB has come up with the facility to link one debit card with three bank accounts and withdraw money from all three accounts. Now PNB customers will be able to withdraw money from three different accounts of the bank with one card.


    What is the new facility of PNB: PNB has brought a special facility for its customers. The bank is also providing two facilities to its customers named 'Add on Card' and 'Add on Account'. Under the addon card facility, you can add up to three debit cards in one bank account. On the contrary, under the facility of add on account, three accounts can also be linked with one debit card. This means that now one card can have many advantages.

    Add to Card: According to PNB, customers can get two add-on cards for family members in addition to the existing debit card. However, this facility will be made available only to the spouse, parents or children. With the help of these 3 cards, you can withdraw money from the main account. That is, the account will be one but cards can be found for three. And you can withdraw money from the account with the help of all three cards.

    Add to account: Under the 'add-on account' facility, three bank accounts can be linked to a single card at the time of issuance of the card. One of these will be the main account and two other accounts. Transactions can be done through a single debit card from any of these three accounts. That is, there will be one card and there can be three accounts. Then you will be able to withdraw money from any bank account with the help of a single card.

    Facility will be limited to: The benefit of linking more than one bank account to one debit card is limited. Because this facility will be available only at Punjab National Bank ATMs. The card can be used at other ATMs only to withdraw money from the main bank account. Also, the bank accounts can be related to any branch of PNB, but all the three accounts should be registered in the name of the same person.

    PNB delivers cash sitting at home: To get cash at your doorstep, you need to first register on the toll-free number 1800-10-37-188 or 1800-12-13-721 or by logging on to Once you are registered, you can choose any option including cash withdrawal. You will need to enter an address for pickup/drop. Select the branch and select the time slot for cash disbursement. After this you will see the service charge on the screen. If you click 'OK', the message will be delivered to your mobile. In this message the name, number, etc. of the bank employee coming to your home will be given.

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