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How to take care of your skin before playing Holi, so that Abir does not harm you, know

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    Skin Care Tips For Holi : Holi, the festival of colors, is about to arrive and it’s time to add some fun to life. When you get ready to celebrate this festival with your loved ones, friends and family, there are many things you should keep in mind before you start playing with colors as it can cause many problems and damages to your skin.

    Artificial colors are loaded with some serious chemicals that can affect the health of your skin. Even if you are switching from chemical-laden colors to organic ones, it will still cause breakouts, dryness and other problems on your skin. So without compromising on the fun and making the most of Holi, here is a skin care guide to make sure your skin doesn’t pay any price this festive season.

    tone your face

    When it comes to toning your skin, start early. Apply toner every morning after washing face and just before applying moisturizer. This will help in reducing the size of the pores. After all, you don’t want any harmful paint leaking into your skin.

    almond oil

    Cover yourself with oil before playing with colors on Holi. This will create a safe barrier between your skin and the harmful substances present in the dyes as the oil will prevent the dyes from seeping into your skin. It will also be easier for you to remove the colors from your skin later with the help of a makeup remover. The oil will help in preventing the skin from staining, which is one of the most worrying issues with Holi as the color tends to stick to your skin. Leaves marks that take days to wash off.

    Petroleum jelly

    Your lips are very sensitive to harmful substances so make sure you apply enough petroleum jelly before stepping out of your house to play Holi. Petroleum jelly will keep your lips protected and hydrated throughout the day. Sunscreen Make sure you apply a good sunscreen before starting your activities this Holi. Not only are you going to expose your skin to the sun, but the complexion and sunscreen can really help with tanning. Make sure you use a matte-finish water proof sunscreen this Holi.

    wear full sleeves

    Try wearing full sleeves, long pants and loose T-shirts so that it creates a barrier between your skin and the colors, leaving little room for exposed surfaces that can cause skin damage. If you’re going to play with water-based colors, wear something loose. Tight clothing can irritate your skin or leave marks.

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