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How To Track Or Recover Lost Or Stolen Android Smartphone, Here Are The Tricks

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    We often hear reports of phones being lost or stolen. In fact, many of us must have faced this problem at some point or the other. Although one of the immediate actions once a phone is lost or stolen is to file a report with the relevant authorities, it is not always easy to get your device back. In such a situation, Google's 'Find My Device' can help you in tracking your phone.

    What is Find My Device

    Google's Find My Device, formerly known as Android Device Manager, is a convenient feature that helps users track and remotely lock their smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. The data of the device can also be deleted in case of theft.

    You can locate your phone from a computer or from any other Android device by installing the Find My Device app. Once installed, you can sign in using your Google credentials. Once done, you can start locating your phone by first opening a browser tab, going to, and logging in with your Google Account. Find My Device will now start detecting your phone.

    If you have location service enabled, the app will show the pin drop location of the phone in a map where the phone is currently. On the left side of the screen, you can see tabs for all the devices connected to your account. At the bottom of each tab, you can see the device model name, the time it was last seen, the network it's connected to, and battery life.

    it is necessary
    To search, lock, or delete data on an Android phone, the phone must be on, signed in to a Google Account, connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi, visible on Google Play, location enabled Must be on, and Find My Device must be on.

    How to download Find My Device
    The Google Find My Device app is available on the Google Play Store, from where it can be downloaded and installed on your phone. At just 1.8 MB in size, the app has been downloaded over 100 million times.

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