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Know about the sister of Lord Shri Ram, very few people will know

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    Everyone knows the stories related to Maryada Purushottam Lord Shri Ram. Almost everyone knows about all the other characters of Ramayana as well. It is known to all that Lord Rama had three brothers Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna. But very few people know that Lord Rama also had a sister whose name was Shanta. There is very little mention of Shanta in Ramayana. Shanta was the elder sister of these four brothers. Shanta is mentioned in the Ramayana. She was the daughter of King Dasharatha and Kaushalya.

    Which was adopted by Varshini and her husband Roma Pad. Shanta was the wife of Rishi Shringa. And the descendants of Rishi Shringa are Sengar Rajputs, who are said to be the only Rishi dynasty Rajputs. Varshini had no children. Once she along with her husband had come to Ayodhya to meet her sister and in jest, Varshini expressed her desire to adopt Shanta. After which, after listening to Varshini, King Dasharatha promised to adopt his daughter Shanta to her. In this way, Shanta Anga became the princess of the country. King Dasharatha had only one child, Shanta. After that he had no children. He wanted a son, so that his dynasty could progress.

    He called Sage Shringa to perform Putrakameshthi Yagya and as a result of which Rama, Bharat and twins Lakshman and Shatrughna were born. Shanta was very beautiful. He had unique knowledge of Vedas, arts and crafts. One day King Romapada was talking with Shanta. Then a Brahmin came to ask the king for help in farming during the monsoon days. Romapada did not pay heed to Brahma's request. Angered by his neglect, Brahmins left from there, after which Indra Dev, the god of rain, also got angry with this insult of his devotees and because of this there was very little rain during the monsoon season. Due to the drought, there was an outcry. To get rid of this problem, the sage went to Shringa and requested him to perform a yagya. The Yagya was performed as per the instructions of Rishi Shringa.

    After which it started raining in Anga country and the problem of drought ended. After this, being pleased, Roma Pad married his daughter Shanta to the sage Shringa. Like the stories of many characters of Ramayana, there are different opinions about Shanta. Sathya Sai Baba had mentioned the sister of Lord Ram in his discourse on 19 May 2002. In this, before giving birth to Ram, it was told that Kaushalya had a daughter named Shanta. However, she was a girl and could not sit on the throne, so they adopted Shanta to a sage. Shanta was brought up by the sage and married her with sage Shringa. Here King Dasharatha, on the advice of his minister Sumanta, invited the noble sages to attend the Putra Kameshthi Yagya. Specially invited Rishi Shringa and asked him to come to this function.

    Sage Shringa was a great sage and wherever he set foot there was timely rain, peace and happiness and prosperity. People were there in bliss. Sumant went to Sage Shringa and asked him to perform a yajna. On receiving an invitation to come to the yagya, Rishi Singh said, I cannot come alone. I agree to perform the yagya, but my wife Shanta will also accompany me. She will act as Ritwik. Sumant agrees to accept this condition. Sage Shringa reaches Ayodhya with Shanta. Santa touches the feet of King Dasharatha and Kaushalya. King Dasharatha was also surprised to see Shanta, because she looked like a sage. Wherever he set foot, the drought disappeared. Dasharatha and Kaushalya got into thinking that after all, who is this, then Shanta herself put her identity in front of everyone.

    He said that I am your daughter Shanta. King Dasharatha and Kaushalya are overjoyed to learn that they have a daughter, Shanta, whom they adopted Rishi. Another version of the story was shown in the TV serial, in which no one adopted Shanta. . Once there was a severe drought in Ayodhya and the adjective was called to perform a yagya. When he gets this done, it rains a lot, which makes everyone shudder. King Dasharatha expresses his desire to reward Shringa. Then the sage surprised everyone there by asking for the hand of King Dasharatha's daughter Shanta. Although Dasharatha was not inclined to give his daughter's hand to the sage, he still agrees to it. After this, King Dasharatha has no children for many years. Then he once again invites sage Shringa to perform Putrakameshti Yagya. After performing the yajna, the sage gives the horns to the queens to eat prasad and in this way the four princes are born in Ayodhya.

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