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OnePlus Nord 2 Consumer Injured After It Allegedly Exploded Throughout A Telephone Name

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    One other incident has appeared on social media by which it’s being claimed {that a} OnePlus Nord 2 unit has allegedly exploded throughout a telephone name, inflicting accidents to the consumer. In keeping with a Twitter publish from ‘@lakshayvrm’, the OnePlus Nord 2 unit broken his brother’s palm and face after components of the smartphone received “clinched” following the explosion. The consumer notes that the incident happened when his brother (the proprietor of the Nord 2 unit) was on a telephone name. OnePlus has additionally replied to the Twitter publish and stated that it’s investigating the matter.

    Information18 Tech has reached out to OnePlus and the OnePlus Nord 2 consumer to confirm the incident. This text will probably be up to date as and when OnePlus and the consumer formally reply.

    The Twitter consumer additionally shared a video on the platform the place we are able to discover a broken smartphone unit, claimed to be the OnePlus Nord 2. The video additional highlights the shattered display screen and fumes from the broken smartphone. For the reason that video is shot post-event, we’re nonetheless unsure of the precise reason behind this explosion. Alternatively, OnePlus has not provided any readability on the tweet or social media channels.

    Not the First OnePlus Nord 2 Explosion Incident

    There are a number of incidents of OnePlus Nord 2 items exploding which have appeared on social media quickly after the gadget received launched. Earlier in September 2021, a OnePlus Nord 2 unit had exploded, and the consumer (who’s additionally a lawyer) filed a case towards the corporate and Amazon India. The unit was bought ten days earlier than the alleged incident happened. The consumer had claimed that the OnePlus Nord 2 5G smartphone was in his coat pocket when it “exploded”. The consumer had stated he sustained accidents, and his outfit was closely broken. Nonetheless, OnePlus had clarified to Information18 that the consumer refused to cooperate to carry out a correct prognosis. This was after a number of makes an attempt to analyse the gadget and the corporate even provided to go to the proprietor’s home.

    The same incident had taken place in Bengaluru in Bengaluru in September 2021. Nonetheless, OnePlus had clarified that the explosion was attributable to an remoted incident involving exterior elements and never because of any manufacturing or product difficulty. The OnePlus Nord 2 powered by MediaTek Dimensity 1200 SoC launched in India in July 2021.

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