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Telegram new features in new year 2022 get message translation, message reactions, themed qr code

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    Last year Telegram The users of Telegram have increased continuously, Telegram has also been trying to make its platform more user-friendly.

    Now Telegram has updated the year end on their platform.

    This is the 12th update of Telegram for 2021.

    The company has added features like reactions, message translation support, themed QR codes, hidden text (spoilers) and interactive emojis in this update.

    In this news, we will tell you in detail about this year end update of Telegram.

    Updates for Interactive Emoji: Animated and interactive emoji were already available on Telegram's platform.

    Now with Reactions, users can react to a specific message with just emoji and do not need to send a new message.

    Every reaction also comes out with its own unique animation.

    Users can also change the default reaction for any other emoji through the settings.

    Private chat as well as group chat and channel telegram reactions are always on.

    The administrator can decide which emoji will remain for the reaction.

    Apart from this, Telegram has added new interactive versions of some emoji, which can be used in one-to-one chats.

    Message translation

    A very special feature has been added to Telegram's year end update, message translation.

    Through this you can translate any message in your other language.

    This message translate feature is currently available only for the iOS platform and only for iOS 15 and above.

    You can translate your message in all the languages ​​available on this iOS.

    As soon as you select a message, the option to enable translate in Settings will be added to the context menu.

    Users can exclude their preferred language from translation.

    message spoiler

    Telegram's new spoiler message feature hides a fixed portion of text with the help of something the company calls 'spoiler' formatting.

    This feature applies to both chat list and notifications.

    Once the receiver taps on a message, the hidden part appears.

    Themed QR Code

    Telegram has now introduced themed QR codes on the platform.

    Telegram users can generate QR codes for any user who has a public username.

    Apart from this, it can also be generated for groups, bots and channels.

    Users can now change the color of these QR codes to their preferred color and pattern by tapping on the in QR code icon next to the person's username or on the information page of the chat.

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