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What is right in inverter AC or normal AC for home? learn here

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    There are two types of air conditioners available in the market. Inverter AC and Fixed Speed ​​Air Conditioner. Both ACs work to provide cool air, but there are many basic differences between the two. This difference should be known once before buying. Then after getting reply from Santosh you should buy your preferred AC. As mentioned, both the ACs give cold air only.

    But the big difference is in their compressor. The work of compressor is most important in AC because it compresses and expands the liquid filled in AC, which releases cold air. In inverter AC, the compressor technology is such that the compressor is switched on and off as per the requirement. In this the compressor runs completely under control operation. If the room temperature is high, the compressor will operate according to the wind to cool air. If the room is cold, the AC compressor will operate accordingly. This saves electricity because when the room cools down the compressor is turned off. On the other hand, normal ACs do not have the technology to turn on the compressor. You have to turn off the AC directly. This increases the power consumption.

    Which AC is better and cheaper: In terms of power, Inverter AC is more correct. It has low operating cost and is also easy to use. There is no noise when inverter AC is running. Normal or fixed ACs have to be switched off later as there is no system for automatic shutdown of compressor after the room cools down. At the same time, after the inverter AC room cools down, its compressor stops. The amount of time it takes for the inverter AC to reach the cooling of the room, can also cause some noise. Otherwise no noise is heard.

    As far as the price is concerned, inverter ACs are slightly more expensive than fixed speed ACs. The reason for this is the cost of compressor technology. But looking at all the subsequent expenses, inverter AC is cheaper than other ACs. It may cost more money at the time of purchase, but it proves to be a cheaper deal in future in terms of saving electricity. While buying a fixed AC, you may find it cheap, but its operating cost and electricity cost prove to be costly in future. Keeping all these things in mind, if you are a customer, buy AC only after seeing your profit and loss.

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