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36-inch groom and 34-inch bride, read the unique story of a unique marriage

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    Wedding season is going on in Bihar these days.

    There is such a large number of marriages that the voice of Shehnai and Gajebaje is being heard everywhere.

    Amidst all this, a marriage held in Navgachia of Bhagalpur district is in the center of discussion.

    Everywhere people are talking about this marriage program only.

    Actually, in Navagachia 36 Inch Long Munna has 34 inches tall bride Mamta are tied in marriage with.

    Thousands of people reached from around to see the newlyweds.

    A large number of them were of such people, who were not even invited.

    everybody just Munna and Mamta wanted to have a glimpse of So much crowd gathered in the wedding ceremony that it was difficult to handle it.

    We have been hearing this saying since childhood that If couples are made then they are in heaven.But fulfilling them is done on earth.

    Where there are many ground realities related to our life, accepting which married life has to move forward.

    Not only husband and wife, but every relationship in this world is fixed by the above for us.

    We humans are just puppets in his hands.

    The same proverb has come true in the town of Navagachia in Bhagalpur, Bihar.

    What is the relation of Chirag Paswan with Prashant Kishor? Will both together form a new front in Bihar?

    In Munna and Mamta's wedding, thousands of people came to see and bless them without invitation

    Selfie competition with bride and groom

    Thousands of people participated in this wedding in Navagachia without invitation and there was a competition to take selfie with the bride and groom.

    In this unique marriage, everything was as it is in a normal wedding.

    But, in some respects this marriage was somewhat different from ordinary marriages.

    Actually, this marriage became unique because 36-inch Munna got a life partner.

    Munna's pairing with 34-inch Mamta was being made on sight.

    Everyone wanted to capture this scene in their camera.

    At the same time, the song rang in the sound of the DJ…Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

    36 inch bride and groom 34 inch

    This marriage was of Mamta Kumari (24), daughter of Kishori Mandal alias Gujo Mandal, resident of Abhiya Bazar of Navagachia.

    Mamta took seven rounds with Munna Bharti (26), son of Bindeshwari Mandal, a resident of Masaru.

    Thousands of local residents reached this wedding ceremony.

    Actually, the small stature of the bride and groom was making the wedding unique.

    Anyone who was watching this scene was saying the same thing as if a living doll-doll was getting married.

    Let us tell that the height of the groom is 36 inches, while the bride is 34 inches.

    All those who attended this marriage said the same thing - God sends everyone from above by making a pair.

    This proverb also became a reality.

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