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Business opportunities start Brinjal Farming and earn 10 lakh rupees check how to start

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    Nowadays, where there is a fight for jobs, on the other hand, if you try your hand in any business, then there is also a possibility of earning big money.

    Although some patience is required in business, but from the point of view of earning, earning more than a job.

    Today's educated youth are also turning fast towards farming and earning lakhs of rupees a month very easily.

    Similarly, today we are telling you about Brinjal Farming.

    There are many varieties of it.

    Depending on the variety and maintenance, these crops can last from 8 months to 12 months.

    You can earn huge profits from Brinjal Farming, but first it is important to decide which brinjal is sold in your area.

    That is, before growing brinjal, do some research by going to the market and then grow the variety of brinjal in demand.

    how to cultivate brinjal

    Brinjal can be grown throughout the year in all seasons including Kharif and Rabi.

    Brinjal is also cultivated as a mixed crop.

    To get more production of brinjal, proper planting of seeds should be done.

    The distance between two plants should be taken care of.

    The distance between two plants and two rows should be 60 cm.

    Before planting the seeds, the field should be leveled by plowing 4 to 5 times in a good way.

    Then according to the need in the field, beds should be made.

    In the cultivation of brinjal, 300 to 400 grams of seeds should be applied per acre.

    After sowing the seeds to a depth of 1 cm, they should be covered with soil.

    Brinjal crop is ready in two months.

    how much will it cost

    In the cultivation of one hectare of brinjal, till the first harvesting, about Rs 2 lakh will be spent.

    At the same time, another 2 lakh rupees can be spent in maintenance throughout the year.

    That is, you will have to spend about 4 lakh rupees in the cultivation of brinjal in the whole year.

    At the same time, from one hectare to 100 tonnes of brinjal can be produced in a year.

    how much will be the profit

    Even if you sell brinjal at an average price of Rs 10 per kg, then at least 10 lakh rupees will be earned from the brinjal crop.

    That is, if you remove the cost of 4 lakh rupees, then you will get a profit of about 6 lakh rupees in a year from the brinjal crop.

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