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Film Review 'The Adam project': If your future meets your present, there is bound to be a ruckus

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    Film Review 'The Adam project': It's easy to get angry, so people don't feel sad anymore, they just get angry.

    This time travel film "The Adam project" is a great film that tells the reality of today's time with a wonderful line, which despite its shortcomings, despite its almost clichéd story, completely enthralls the viewers.

    Keeps it in its grip.

    This recently released film on Netflix can be seen by both children and adults, if they ignore some English slurs.

    The film is funny.

    There are technical glitches at many places and despite all this, it entertains the audience to the fullest.

    Fighting a crisis in 2050, fighter pilot Adam (Ryan Reynolds) Reid seeks to relive the year 2018 in his father's (Louis Reed Mark Ruffalo) time travel jet, as his fighter pilot wife Laura (Zoe Saldana) also takes time.

    She disappeared there while traveling.

    Due to a technical fault, Adam reaches where he meets in 2022.

    From myself i.e.

    from his 12-year-old avatar (Walker Scobel).

    Adam's father has died in 2021 and Walker has not yet recovered from this shock and his mother (Jennifer Garner) also does not understand how to deal with Walker.

    While searching for Ryan, his enemies arrive in 2022 and attack him, but Lara reaches there at the last minute and saves Adam's life.

    Adam wants to meet his father with his younger self, so he travels back in time to visit his father and tells him that his quest for time travel has been successful but that his partner Maya Sorian (Katherine Keener) has used this technology.

    She has taken over and is preparing to become the most powerful woman in the future.

    Louis Reid, Adam Reid 2050 and Adam Reid 2012 together defeat Maya and destroy the Time Travel Machine.

    Many films and television serials have been made on time travel around the world.

    The 1895 story "The Time Machine" by H.G.

    Wells is considered the origin of all such stories, but time travel was first mentioned in the 1773 story Memoirs of the Twentieth Century by Samuel Madden.

    Time travel has been used properly in The Adam Project.

    The film is so funny that something or the other keeps happening on the screen all the time which keeps the audience hooked.

    Ryan Reynolds is a successful actor of today's era.

    He has gained immense popularity due to playing the character named Deadpool.

    His wife Blake Lively is also a hugely successful actress and the pair is well-liked throughout Hollywood.

    Ryan's dialogue in Deadpool was well-liked, and the same formula is used in The Adam Project.

    Walker has created a storm in the role of 12-year-old Ryan.

    This is Walker's first film and what an amazing performance.

    Struggling with his pain after his father's death, and angry with his mother, Walker continues to resent his future Ryan when he meets him.

    The cheeky dialogues add to the fun of Ryan and Walker's interactions.

    It is very strange to Ryan to see that Walker is a very lonely, rough and rubbish boy.

    Future's Ryan keeps on advising his past walkers to be a better person.

    The scene of Ryan and Walker meeting their father, Mark Ruffalo, also has great imagination.

    Here also the dialogues made the scene memorable.

    Joey Saldana, Jennifer Garner's roles were short and precise.

    The film is based on the mutual chemistry of Ryan, Walker and Mark.

    Director Sean Levy has made a completely funny film with a very balanced script.

    The action sequences can look a bit boring as there is a complete comic book type of action.

    Stunt coordinator James Churchman's problem would have been to create action sequences in which of the future tense, past and present tense.

    Maya's character was made good as a villain, but with the help of computer graphics, the film is being made fun of on social media about her changing face.

    The writing of the film or the scale of the film is not such that there is no juice like Star War or Star Trek nor is there a focus on the sensitivity like Interstellar or Gravity.

    The audience might forget The Adam Project after a couple of years, but it's fun while you're watching the movie.

    Started working on the script written by TS Naulin in October 2012 and was in talks with Tom Cruise as the hero.

    Work on the script went on for several months but things did not work out.

    In July 2020, Netflix decided to join film production and signed Sean Levy as director and Ryan Reynolds as hero.

    Shawn and Ryan had previously done another hit comedy together – Free Guy.

    After the success of The Adam Project, now Ryan and Shawn will work together again in Deadpool 3.

    Netflix fans know Sean better as the director of Stranger Things.

    The Adam Project is a must watch because life isn't always serious.

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