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Full story of pankhuri srivastava till she became a successful entrepreneur

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    Woman Entrepreneur Pankhuri Srivastava passed away on 24 December 2021 at the age of 32.

    Pankhuri was the founder of the women-focused social community 'Pankhuri' and rental startup Grabhouse.

    Coming from a simple family, Pankhuri Srivastava had touched the heights of success at a very young age.

    Pankhuri founded Grabhouse in 2012, which was bought by online classifieds company Quikr in 2016.

    Pankhuri Srivastava launched Pankhuri, a platform focused on women, in the year 2019.

    'Pankhuri' helps its members socialize, discover and enhance skill development through live interactive courses, expert chats and interest-based clubs.

    This platform has played an important role in keeping them better and active in the lifestyle conversation.

    Pankhuri raised $0.32 million from Sequoia Capital India's startup accelerator programme, Surge as well as India Quotient and Taurus Ventures.

    What is business and how to start?

    Journey started from small town

    The path of Pankhuri, who hails from Jhansi, a small town in Uttar Pradesh, was not so easy.

    When 25-year-old Pankhuri Srivastava reached Mumbai from Jhansi after completing her studies, she had to face many difficulties to get a flat on rent.

    Brokers had to pay hefty fees.

    During this, the idea came to his mind that why not start such a company, so that people do not have to struggle so much to find a house.

    After this he started Grabhouse at a cost of 20 thousand rupees.

    Later the annual turnover of its company reached above Rs 720 crores.

    Pankhuri wanted to become India's biggest entrepreneur

    Pankhuri had told in an interview given to a media house 6 years ago that her father Rajneesh Srivastava is a manager in the bank.

    He did his studies till 10th from St.

    Francis Inter College, Jhansi.

    After this he studied B.Tech from Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal.

    Then went to Mumbai.

    She had told that she wanted to become India's biggest women entrepreneur.

    Died of cardiac arrest at home

    Pankhuri Srivastava's company told through social media on Monday that its CEO Pankhuri Srivastava died of cardiac arrest on December 24.

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