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How to make a blog on WordPress? Step by Step Guide 2022

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    Whether you are going to create a blog or a personal website, this article will help you.

    Step-by-step information on how to create a blog/website in WordPress is given in this article.

    By following these steps, you can easily create a blog for yourself.

    do you know? WordPress is most commonly used to create a website or blog.

    W3Techs According to this, 65% of all the websites in the world that are built on Content Management System (CMS) use WordPress.

    So today we are giving you step by step information on how to create a blog on WordPress.

    Through this article you will be able to learn many things like:

    • How to buy domain for blog or website?
    • How and where to buy web hosting?
    • How to connect Domain and Hosting together?
    • How to Install WordPress?
    • How to add theme to wordpress website?

    We have told all these with step by step screenshots so that you can understand them easily.

    Hope this information will be useful to you.

    WordPress is a wonderful platform, with this you can create not only blog but many other things, for complete information “What is WordPress? What can be made of this?” Read.

    How to Create Your Own Blog Step by Step Guide

    Follow these 5 steps to create a WordPress blog or website:

    1. Buy Domain Name
    2. Choose the best hosting company
    3. Connect domain to hosting
    4. install wordpress
    5. choose a great theme

    Let us now understand these 5 steps in detail to create a website:

    1. Buy Domain Name

    If you do not know what a domain name is, then in simple language, let us tell you that domain name means the name of your website.

    Like our website name is

    Now the question comes from where to buy domain name? For this, we have written a detailed article which you can read here: Where to buy a domain name at low cost?

    Some of the best websites to buy domain names are as follows:

    Of these, I like Namesilo the most, so here I am giving an example of buying a domain from this website.

    You can also choose any other company.

    The process of buying a domain is almost the same in all websites.

    Let us see how to buy domain name at a discount from

    Open Namesilo's website and type the domain name you want to buy in the text box and click Search Domain.

    If the domain name is available from that name then you can add to cart by clicking on the add button.

    If the domain is not available then you will have to search the domain with a different name.

    After that click on the checkout button, click on cart at the top.

    The next page will look something like this:

    Select the options carefully as in the above screenshot.

    Pay special attention to three things:

    • Auto-Renew: Make it NO.
    • Privacy Setting: Select WHOIS Privacy, this will give you the facility of domain privacy protection for free.
    • This will prevent spammers from seeing your contact details.
    • Coupon Code: Write webinhindi in this, you will get a discount of 1 $.

    After this the registration page will come in which you register by entering your name, email address etc.

    In the next step, the payment option will come in which many payment options have been given like: Credit card, Debit card, Paypal etc.

    If you have a Paypal account, then payment is made very easily with it.

    2. Choose the Best Hosting Company

    After buying a domain, web hosting is required.

    You need a place on the Internet to place the content of your website that hosting companies provide you.

    Read this to understand web hosting yourself: What is web hosting and how does it work?

    There are many hosting provider companies on the Internet that provide hosting service.

    The names of some of these good and popular companies are given below:

    1. Hostinger
    2. HostGator
    3. Bluehost
    4. HostitBro

    For the information about the services and prices of all these, we have written a separate article which you can read here: Where to buy the best web hosting at low cost?

    Here we are giving the example of Hostinger because it is a very popular company and good hosting can be bought cheaply from here.

    First of all open Hostinger website and click on start now button

    You will see three types of hosting plans below, from which you can choose any one plan as per your requirement:

    • Single Web Hosting: If you are building just one website then you can choose this plan.
    • Premium Web Hosting: If there are plans to build more websites in the future, then you should choose this plan. You can host 100 websites on this.
    • Business Web HostingIf you are making a personal website or blog, then you do not need it in the beginning.

    You can also upgrade one plan to another plan at any time.

    3. Connect the Domain to the Hosting

    Linking a domain to a hosting is very easy.

    This requires a nameserver.

    The nameserver of different hosting company is also different.

    You don't need to worry, we have listed the nameservers below:

    Hostinger Nameserver:

    Bluehost Nameserver:

    Hostitbro Nameserver:

    If you are using Hostgator or any other hosting service then you will get the nameserver on your email id or cpanel.

    Now login to your domain provider's website,

    As we had purchased the domain from then we will login to the website of namesilo.

    And after that go to Domain Manager.

    Select your domain and click on Change Nameservers option given above.

    By default, 3 nameservers will be given there, you will have to remove it and enter a new nameserver.

    We have purchased hosting from Hostinger so we will enter Hostinger nameserver.

    Your domain name will now be connected to the hosting server, for this you may have to wait for some time.

    Although this work is done in 1 hour also but DNS propagation can take 24 hours also.

    4. Install WordPress

    WordPress is a type of Content Management System (CMS) by which we are able to manage our blog very easily and for this no technical knowledge is required.

    After the domain is connected, login to Hostinger (where you have hosted).

    We will see you Auto Installer (or app installer) in Hpanel (cpanel), click on it.

    After this select WordPress in the next page, you need to enter Administrator Username, Password, and Email ID, Website title.

    You can leave the rest of the items blank.

    Keep in mind that with the help of this username and password, you will be able to login to your WordPress website.

    Now you can directly login to your website by going to the admin URL of your website.

    Apart from this, you can also login by clicking on the Dashboard button in the WordPress section of the cpanel.

    5. Choose a Great WordPress Theme

    Now your website is almost ready, now you need to pay attention to its design.

    For this you need to choose a great theme.

    Follow the steps to select the theme:

    • First login to your website
    • Now click on Themes inside Appearance in the left side
    • Then click on Add new
    • You search by typing the name of the theme
    • Install and Activate by selecting the theme of your choice

    Keep these things in mind when choosing a WordPress theme:

    • Always choose responsive theme - It adjusts itself according to the screen size of any device.
    • Use a simple and simple theme: Don't use too many fancy and colorful themes it looks unprofessional.
    • Make sure to check the loading speed of the themeUse a cream that is light weight and does not take much time to load.
    • If possible use Premium ThemeFor this you may have to spend some money but it will give you more quality and facilities.

    You can also use free themes.

    Some of the popular free WordPress themes are listed below that you can try:

    Apart from these, there are many other themes that you can research about and choose a great theme.

    We have ready your blog / website, now you can publish by writing articles by going to Posts.

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