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How to make your PC computer superfast with these easy steps know basic tricks on speed setting

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    Is your computer running very slow, and you are tired of it? We all must have experienced that sometimes the PC runs so slow that we get troubled by it.

    In such a situation, it is obvious that you must be preparing to change that.

    Or you will be ready to buy an expensive device to speed it up.

    But don't do that.

    We are giving you some tips, where it will help to increase the speed of your computer.

    Actually, there are many such factors, which depend on the ability to increase the speed of the computer.

    The biggest factor in this is the RAM of your system.

    If you want to increase the speed of your computer then you have to free your hard drive and you need to increase the RAM.

    But there are other things as well, which need to be taken into account.

    Know how to increase RAM

    Keep in mind that your computer's RAM acts as a short term data center for your PC.

    If it is too full, it can slow down your computer.

    But the good thing is that the process of upgrading RAM in most computers is not very difficult.

    However, for this you will have to open your PC and sensitive parts may have to be opened.

    Therefore, to protect your computer from damage, it is necessary to take some precautions…

    >> To increase the speed of your computer, go to Task Manager on the Start menu.

    Then press Ctrl + Shift + Esc button, after that click on whatever comes.

    >> After that clicking on tap will open the memory.

    In general, 8GB of RAM is sufficient for good browsing speed.

    Along with this, an average PC user can also do multitasking with this RAM.

    If you want speed for gaming, then you can upgrade your RAM to 16GB and even upgrade to 32GB according to the capacity of your computer.

    However, this much RAM is expensive and unnecessary for the average user.

    How to use more RAM

    Talking about upgrading the new RAM, for this you have to open the PC and remove the old memory stick and replace it with RAM with more memory.

    Also keep in mind that this process is easier on a desktop PC.

    Whereas it is a bit difficult to do this in a laptop.

    When buying new RAM, also keep in mind whether your PC can handle this upgrade or not.

    The capacity of the computer's RAM depends on its mother board.

    Therefore, upgrade only keeping in mind the capacity of the motherboard.

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