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How to Port Any Mobile Number

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    Friends, in today's post we will tell you how you Mobile Number Port can do.

    In today's time every person has a phone.

    It can be a smartphone or a simple phone, but having empty mobile phone does not work.

    We have to insert sim card for it to work.

    When you go to get a sim card, you can find many telecom companies in the market.

    Which keeps on coming out with one or the other offer to woo their planets.

    In some network you get good internet, in some you get good offers for calling, in some you get roaming free calls, in some network you get free internet and calling.

    Out of all these telecom company, we choose that company which gives us good data and calling plan along with giving better facilities.

    But the problem comes when we take the number of a network in which sometimes there is a problem of network, sometimes our internet does not work and if it runs then at very slow speed and sometimes our calling stops.

    Now the biggest problem is that we want to go to another company but we do not want any new number, rather we want that the phone number which we are already using, we should get the same phone number in that company in which we go.

    want to So for that we have to port our number.

    With the help of which we can go to another telecom company without changing our phone number.

    And if you can enjoy the offer of that company, then friends, in today's post, we will tell you that somehow you can port your number and know what we have to do for this and what is its process, read this post today.

    After this, there will hardly be anything left about porting the number, which you will not know, so let's move forward.

    What is Number Porting or MNP

    When we want to go to another network due to not getting good services of telecom company on our number or due to good offers in any other company and also without changing our mobile number then this process is called number porting or MNP means mobile number portability.

    It is very difficult to take a new number everyday and give it to your friends, so the Ministry of Telecom has started MNP i.e.

    Mobile Number Portability.

    So that you can go to another telecom company without changing your personal number.

    How to do Mobile Number Port or MNP.

    1. First of all you have to send a message.

    For that, go to your message box and create a new message.

    2. After creating a new message, you have to PORT in capital letter. Enter mobile number.

    And send it to 1900.

    For example, if your mobile number is 9823453256, then you have to type PORT 9823453256 and send it to 1900.

    3. As soon as you send this message, after some time a message comes from 1901 number in which you get the UPC code.

    Whose validity is 15 days.

    That is, you can port the number anytime for 15 days, in which you need a UPC code.

    4. Now in whichever telecom company you have to port the number, like airtel, jio, idea etc., take your necessary documents like aadhar card, photo, UPC code etc.

    to the store and proceed with the process of number port.

    5. Now you will be given a new sim card.

    Which will be your same number to whom the message of your number port was sent.

    Meaning your first number will be the same.

    And a message will come on your number in which it will be written that the number port will take 7-10 days.

    6. By the way, it takes only 6-7 days to have a number port and your number gets ported.

    After that your previous sim card stops working.

    Then you have to put the new sim card that you got.

    And now your number port will have been done.

    Take care before porting the number.

    1. Before porting your number to another telecom company, you must know whether that network provides the services that you want.

    2. Once you get your number ported.

    So you have to stay in the same company for at least 3 months.

    And only after 3 months, you can again port your number to another company.

    3. If you are a prepaid customer then porting the number is very easy for you.

    But if you are a postpaid customer then you have some problem.

    4. Before number porting, the balance of your number has to be used.

    Because what do you know in other networks, you do not get your balance.

    5. When you message to port the number, you get a call from the same network in which you are given very good offers.

    If you want, you can stop the porting process of your number by taking a good offer.

    6. Many telecom companies charge some for number porting, while many companies or services give it for free.

    so in this way you number port This process of number porting is very easy, through this process you can port any number of your company like

    • Mobile number port aircle to airtel
    • mobile number port idea to airtel
    • Mobile number port aircle to jio
    • mobile number port jio to idea
    • Mobile number port tata docomo to airtel
    • mobile number port idea to jio

    So in this way you can change the number of any company to any other company and enjoy the services of that network.

    I hope you guys now understand how Get your mobile number ported.

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