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REVIEW: All the episodes of 'Gullak' season 3 are full of real coins

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    'Gullak' season 3 REVIEW: Season 3 of 'Gullak' is like a brainwashed little savings amidst the violence, uproar and obscenity on OTT platforms.

    The capital from which life struggles in its confined world along with the social power to dream of being happy on small things remains.

    In the first season of Gullak, the middle class of non-metropolitan cities lived, struggled and enjoyed living in the midst of reality and expectations.

    In the second season, the series makers seemed to have lost their strength in trying to create humor with some distractions, but in the third season every message came out clearly.

    The buoyant life in a small house and the entwined Indian middle-class situation with full force in the family were beautifully carved.

    successful in capturing memories

    The fun of this series increases for those who have left Delhi-Mumbai and have enjoyed life in a small town in the midst of a working family.

    Where the houses may be small, but the doors are not closed to anyone.

    In such cities, you cannot lie to your neighbor about whether you have a gas cylinder in your house.

    The neighbor will not even let him speak.

    People in these cities do not lag behind in enjoying your mental misery, but after a limit, they come to help.

    If an old acquaintance comes, he has to leave his room for him.

    Many people don't even have any other room.

    Therefore, handing over your complete convenience to the guest, it is not amiss to spend the night battling with mosquitoes on the terrace.

    Affordable shooting, but the art work

    Whether or not this series earns at par with other series serving beatings, espionage and obscenity, the producers have taken the same economy as the middle class in making it.

    It seems that if a separate set is left on three or four occasions, the whole story revolves around one room, one closet, courtyard and terrace of a house.

    So the cost of shooting here and there would not have been much.

    All the characters are from the first two series.

    His acting may not meet the criteria of classical or other places, but he has been completely successful in getting into the character of the series.

    Among the cast, Jameel Khan, Harsh Mayr, Vaibhav Raj Gupta, Geetanjali Kulkarni and Sunita have acted in such a way that you will feel that you must have seen such a character at some point or the other.

    Prophecy – Significance of AIR

    Sometimes the behind-the-scenes commentary in the series seemed unnecessary, but it did not spoil the taste of the series.

    Anyway, how can the middle class live without AIR and prophecy?

    story of satisfaction in little

    Mishra ji's elder son is doing job in this season.

    MR means Medical Representative job.

    The same son who wanted to do something big through SSC.

    The dream could not come true.

    No problem.

    The joy of approaching a dream if it is not fully realized, does not diminish for the middle class.

    Mishra ji is happy that another salary account has been opened in the house.

    The son's desire is to buy suspense shoes from the first salary and indulge in debauchery.

    It is right too.

    Even today, for this class living hand to mouth, buying shoes worth seven thousand is less than debauchery.

    This lust of debauchery, like many dreams, does not come true.

    The speed-breakers of the situation do not allow the suspension shoes to reach the courtyard.

    Shoes have to be sacrificed for the fee of the younger one.

    Yes, both father and mother are hesitant to ask for money from the salary of the son, for the fees of the younger one.

    This drag is shown very well.

    Small gets admission.

    But during practicals, he is thrown out of the school after taking sugarcane juice in a test tube to get the right color of 'Tritresan' and giving it to the examiner.

    Satyanarayan hailed God, but the letter has already arrived.

    The story is of middle class.

    The family is of Mishra ji.

    Then if there was no story of Satyanarayan, there would have been incompleteness.

    The story happens.

    At the end of the day, Prasad is also given to everyone except one or two.

    Pandit ji also gives blessings to remove obstacles.

    Sons also fit the jugaad of liberation from the studies of science and maths through Pandit ji.

    Now waiting for the suspension letter from the younger son's school.

    But the story takes a strange turn and another letter arrives.

    Mishra ji has to be suspended because of his insistence not to enter union politics.

    This shock brings about a heart attack.

    Yet the way this crisis has connected the entire family is the life-force of the urban middle class family of our country.

    Taking the father unconscious from a heart attack, the eldest son runs barefoot, and the younger one goes to the hospital with slippers.

    In the hospital itself, he makes the elder brother wear slippers.

    In fact, the crowning of the middle class is like this - not by wearing a pug on the head, but by wearing slippers to protect the feet, from the thorns that come in the way.

    marriage breaker

    The efforts of the makers of the series were successful in taking full responsibility for the change in the consciousness of the housewives who spend their lives in the stove.

    Mishra ji's wife asks Mishra ji, who became the leader in the marriage, to break the marriage.

    In fact, this woman, who decorated the house by burning her desire in the stove, had already seen the problems of that girl from the village before the microscope of experience.

    Usually the leader of marriage is shown here breaking the marriage directly, which is interesting.

    In the story of this series, director Palash Vaswani deserves congratulations for bringing reality to reality without crying and crying of hunger.

    Lighting and sound is good.

    The music also accompanies it perfectly.

    Overall, it can be said that piggy season three should be seen.

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