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Start outdoor advertising hoardings business in India earn 15 crore in a month details here

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    If you are troubled by the job.

    So you can start your business idea today.

    For this you should have only 50 thousand rupees.

    This is the business of Online Hoardings Business.

    In this digital age, the business of online hoardings can prove to be a profitable deal for you.

    For this, News18 spoke to Deepti Awasthi Sharma, the founder of, an outdoor advertising startup company.

    Let us tell you that Deepti is earning more than 1 crore every month from this business.

    So let us know from them how you can start the business of online hoarding business and how much money can be earned in it.

    Crores will be earned in a year only

    When Deepti Awasthi Sharma started the business of online hoardings in the year 2016, she was only 27 years old.

    Due to not having much money, Deepti started the work of online hoarding by investing only 50 thousand rupees.

    However, from the very next year itself started earning 12 crores..

    and after a year the turnover of Deepti's company became more than 20.

    Deepti says, I started the business of digital hoardings in 2016 with a very small amount of 50 thousand.

    This idea was successful and started earning in a short time.

    Explaining the reason behind starting the digital hoardings business, she says, I did research on it and found that this field is working in a very unorganized way and in this world of digital, people should do everything sitting at home.

    In such a situation, this business turned out to be a very profitable deal.

    Learn how to start this business

    This work can be started with the help of marketing and technology.

    For this, you just have to create a website with your domain name.

    He has to promote himself.

    To begin with, you can see where and how you can reach out to people looking for a place to advertise.

    This business is growing rapidly.

    Because every day people want to advertise from home.

    know everything

    This is how Deepti's company works

    First of all, the customer has to login to the website of

    After this, by going to the website, searching your location (where he has to put up the hoarding) has to be selected.

    After the location is selected, a mail goes to the company.

    After that confirmation of site and location availability is sent by the company, then artwork and orders come from the customer side.

    An ID & Password is provided to go live on the location site.

    Let us tell you that this company charges about Rs 1 lakh for getting a hoarding installed for a period of one month.

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