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Start this business sitting at home by investing Rs 4 lakh, earning Rs 8 lakh every year!

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    If you want to do business then this news is for you.

    This is a business that can be started at low cost and profit is also high in this business.

    You can start the business of rabbit farming with an investment of about 4 lakh rupees.

    This business is beneficial because rabbit meat gets a higher price in the market.

    At the same time, it is also reared for the wool made from its hair.

    Let us know how you can earn regular income by rearing rabbits on a small scale.

    Expenses will come up to Rs 4 lakh

    This business of rabbit farming is divided into units.

    There are seven female and three male rabbits in a unit.

    Suppose the initial level for farming is 10 units, then it costs around Rs 4 lakh to 4.50 lakh.

    This includes tin sheds around Rs 1 to 1.50 lakhs, cages Rs 1 to 1.25 lakhs, fodder and about Rs 2 lakhs spent on these units.

    Male and female rabbits are ready for breeding after about 6 months.

    A female rabbit gives birth to 6 to 7 babies at a time.

    The pregnancy period of a female rabbit is 30 days and in the next 45 days, the baby is ready for sale after being about 2 kg.

    Earning will be like this

    On an average 5 babies are born from a female rabbit, so in this way 350 babies will be made in 45 days.

    The rabbit unit is capable of producing babies in about six months.

    There is no need to even wait for 6 months in this.

    A batch of children prepared from 10 units of rabbit in 45 days is sold for about Rs 2 lakh.

    They are sold for farm breeding, meat and wool business and a female rabbit gives birth at least 7 times in a year.

    But keeping in mind mortality, illness etc., assuming an average of 5 pregnancy periods, rabbits worth Rs 10 lakh are sold in a year, while assuming Rs 2 to 3 lakhs spent on fodder, a net profit of Rs 7 lakh can be earned.

    Although in the initial year, taking out the total investment of Rs 4.50 lakh in this, even then there is an income of Rs 3 lakh.

    You can also start business by taking franchisee- If there is no ability to take more risk then new people have the option of taking franchise from many big farms.

    Through this all kinds of training from rabbit breeding to marketing will be given.

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