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Start this wonderful business sitting at home, monthly income of 45 thousand, know how to start it?

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    Today we are telling you about a special business.

    Which you can start with less money and earn more profit.

    The most important thing about this business is that you can start it sitting at home.

    In which you will not even need much space.

    This is the business of hydroponics farming.

    It is a modern technique of farming.

    In this technique cultivation is done without soil.

    In hydroponic farming, plants are grown only in water or in sand and pebbles with water.

    You can earn big by doing farming with this technique.

    Let us know about it in detail…

    How is hydroponic farming done?

    In hydroponic farming, plants are grown using pipes.

    Many holes remain in the pipe, in which the plants are planted.

    The roots of the plants are immersed in the nutrient-filled water inside the pipe.

    In this method, a solution is prepared by mixing many nutrients and minerals like phosphorus, nitrogen, magnesium, calcium, potash, zinc, sulfur, iron, etc.

    in a certain quantity.

    This solution is mixed with water at stipulated time intervals.

    Due to which the plants get all the nutrients.

    This farming can also be done on the roof of the house

    Apart from this, you can also start it at your home or terrace.

    About 200 plants can be grown in 100 square feet.

    For this, it can be started with a minimum cost of 25 thousand to lakh rupees.

    All these things can be cultivated

    Crops with small plants can be cultivated through this technique.

    Including carrots, turnips, cucumber, radishes, potatoes, capsicum, peas, peppers, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, celery, basil, etc.

    How much will it cost in this business?

    There is a higher cost initially to set up a hydroponic system.

    With this method, more plants can be grown in less space.

    Therefore, after some time, farmers can earn more profit by this method.

    If you want to start it on a small scale then you can set it up in 100 square feet area also.

    It can cost from 50,000 to 60,000 rupees.

    40 to 45 rupees will be earned

    If someone uses this technique from his home, then 40 to 45 thousand rupees will be earned in a month.

    If someone cultivates using this technique in one acre, then one can earn four to five lakh rupees.

    It can be cultivated even on barren land.

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