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Start your own business in ₹ 50,000, there will be a huge profit of 5 lakhs - know what to do?

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    Today we are going to tell you about a business that you can start and earn big money.

    Yes, we are talking about Aloe Vera farming.
    The demand for aloe vera is very high in India as well as abroad.

    For this reason, there is a lot of profit in the cultivation of aloe vera.

    The demand for aloe vera has increased rapidly in the last few years.

    It is also being used extensively in food items including beauty products.

    Almost everyone is aware of the name of aloe vera and its properties.

    Aloe vera is being cultivated on a large scale in India.

    Many companies are making its products.

    From small scale industries to multinational companies of the country, they are earning crores by selling aloe vera products.

    In such a situation, you can earn lakhs by cultivating aloe vera.

    Business can be done in two ways

    You can do business of aloe vera in two ways, one by cultivating it and the other by installing a machine for its juice or powder.

    Here we are giving you the cost of aloe vera cultivation and processing plant and some information related to it.

    The profit margin is high along with less cost in its production.

    Aloe Vera Cultivation

    You can start Aloe Vera cultivation with a low investment of Rs 50,000.

    You can sell aloe vera in manufacturing companies and mandis.

    Apart from this, if you want to increase your business, then you can earn a lot of profit by setting up a processing unit of Aloe Vera.

    processing plant

    Another way is to set up a processing unit of aloe vera.

    You can earn big by selling aloe vera gel/juice from the processing unit.

    For this you will have to spend 3 to 5 lakhs.

    Will have to spend on these things

    In Aloe Vera cultivation, you will have to spend in material, plant, manure, labor, harvesting, packaging etc.

    In many parts of the country, production is taken for 3 years by planting aloe vera plant once, while in many places the crop is grown for 5 years.

    Will profit in lakhs

    You can earn a profit of 5 to 6 lakh rupees by investing about 50 to 60 thousand rupees in the business of Aloe Vera cultivation.

    You can also start the business of hand wash soap at low cost.

    The demand for aloe vera is very high in the field of cosmetic, medical and pharmaceuticals.

    Aloe vera juice, lotion, cream, gel, shampoo are in great demand among the customers.

    Aloe vera has been used for years in Ayurvedic and Unani medicine.

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