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Telegram Vs WhatsApp : Due to these great features, Telegram is ahead of WhatsApp

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    The features of WhatsApp are very useful, but Telegram has some tricks that WhatsApp cannot compete with.

    According to the analytics firm Sensor Tower, Telegram recently crossed the one billion downloads mark globally, and still there is no dearth of its fame.

    All useful features are launched first on Telegram while the rest are launched by rival apps when users are fully familiar with them.

    Even today there are some features in Telegram which are not available on WhatsApp and Signal.

    We will tell you about some such important features in this article.

    Multi Device Support

    Telegram is a cloud based messaging service.

    Which means that if the user wants, he can login to it on multiple devices.

    And all their messages will sync across platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS and Linux.

    Whereas WhatsApp is currently working on adding this picture so that users can log in on the connected device.

    At present, WhatsApp is limited to only one device and four computers.

    At the same time, Telegram allows its users to use their messages on various tablets and smartphones.

    It will take some time for this feature to come on WhatsApp.

    Schedule Message

    This is a stage when you want to send a message at a particular time but it is not possible to stay awake till then, in such a time the feature of Scheduled Messages can prove to be very useful.

    On Telegram, you can schedule your message by typing your message and long pressing on the send button.

    If you want to wish birthday to any of your friends at midnight, then this feature is most useful for you.

    As of now no such feature is available on WhatsApp.

    And this app is not even using any third party app and mode so that the user can get this feature.

    Live Audio

    Last year, social audio app Clubhouse created such a popular voice-over app that allows users to listen to people in a variety of groups talk.

    Later, these features were also added to Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Discard and Telegram.

    Telegram has a voice chat feature in which users can interact with each other while being part of a group or channel.

    This picture is not yet on WhatsApp.

    Users can also share videos during this and record them for future reference.

    This can be seen if WhatsApp launches such a feature later.

    File Sharing

    As we all know that sharing large size files to other apps and users is prohibited on WhatsApp.

    Telegram allows its users to share large files.

    For example, instead of the 50 mb video limit, Telegram also allows 2GB file sharing.

    Large files as well as high-resolution videos can be shared on Telegram such as footage shot with a 4K camera.

    This can be convenient when you are not able to send a large file on both WhatsApp or Email.

    Users can easily send their files from desktop to phone and on which desktop from different platforms.

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