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Top 10 Logo Maker Websites, Apps & Software

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    If you are going to create a website, starting a blog, starting a YouTube channel or starting any business, then you need a logo for your brand.

    A professional logo is an identity of you and your business, so you must make a logo.

    Today we are going to tell you about logo making website, apps and software from where you can make logo absolutely free.

    If you get a logo made by a professional logo designer then you may have to spend a lot of money, but if your budget is less or you do not have money then you do not need to worry because you can make the logo yourself.

    You have three options for creating your own logo:

    1. online logo maker website
    2. logo design android app
    3. computer software

    The names of the best tools available in these three platforms are given below.

    Top 10 Online Logo Making Websites

    Although there are many software through which logo design is done but it requires a professional skill.

    But even if you do not have the skills, you can still make a logo using the online tool.

    Today we are going to tell you about some similar online logo making websites from where you can design a logo absolutely for free, that too without any professional skills.

    Online logo making website is the best platform to create logo in very less time and for free.

    There are many benefits of using an online logo maker such as:

    • You don't have to spend money and your money is saved.

    • You do not need to hire a freelancer.
    • Online Logo generators are very easy and simple to use.
    • You do not need any professional skills.
    • You can design people according to your own choice.

    Best logo making website:

    1. Canav Logo Maker
    2. Adobe Spark
    3. Photopea
    5. Hatchful (Shopify) Logo maker
    6. Graphicsprings
    8. Wix Logo Maker
    9. Ucraft Logo Maker
    10. Looka Logo Generator
    11. Squarespace Logo Designer

    You can easily create a simple logo by visiting these websites., But there are many limitations in these online logo maker websites and there may be some problems about which information is given below.,

    Names of Logo Making Apps

    Nowadays, we do most of the work with our smartphone and if you want to design a logo from your mobile and are looking for a logo maker app for this, then to help you, we have given the names of some logo maker apps that you can use on your own.

    Can download and make logo in android mobile,

    Top 10 Logo Maker App:

    1. Canva
    2. Logo Creator by Iris Studios
    3. Logo Maker by AR Tech
    4. Logo Maker by Shopify
    5. Gaming Logo Maker with Name
    6. Logo Maker Plus
    7. Logo Maker Studio
    8. Brand Maker
    9. Logo Creator by TTT Team
    10. Swift Logo Maker Logo Designer

    These apps are very easy to use and you can generate your logo in few minutes., You can install these apps from Google Play Store,

    Software to Create Professional Logo

    Now let's talk about which software a professional logo maker makes a logo., There are many graphic design software available for this purpose, using which unique and brandable logos are created.,

    logo maker software names,

    1. Adobe Illustrator
    2. CorelDRAW
    3. Adobe Photoshop
    4. GIMP (Free)
    5. Inkscape (Free)

    The best logo design software out of all these is Adobe Illustrator which is used to create vector graphics, you can try it for 7 days free trial.

    version can be downloaded from its website.

    Why not use Online Logo Maker?

    If you are short of time and want to make a simple and basic C design then you can use these platforms.,

    But if you want a professional logo, then we recommend that you do not use these websites.,

    We have told you what are the advantages of using online logo designing tools, but there are many drawbacks in these platforms due to which they cannot be used for professional logo designing.,

    Let us know about their shortcomings:

    • These tools generate many designs which are very basic and simple.
    • You cannot do editing at the advanced level.
    • Their designers are not unique, every user is shown the same design, due to which there is a problem in branding.
    • If someone registers the same design in his name, then you may also have a problem of copyright.

    Which is the best platform to create a logo?

    We told you about three types of logo designing platforms above: online website, android apps and PC software.

    Which of these is the best tool for you depends on how much experience you have in graphics design and editing.

    If you have little design skills and experience:

    • If you want to do designing at an advanced level, then Adobe Illustrator is the best for it.
    • You can also use Photoshop which is a bit easier than AI.
    • Talking about free software for logo design, Inkspace is the best.
    • If you do not have Photoshop, then Photopea is a better alternative which can be used online for free.

    If you are brand new and have never done a design:

    • Shopify's Hatchful will be the best for you.
    • Apart from this, you can also use Canva.
    • You can also try the above mentioned Android app.

    The online tools for creating a logo are very easy to use.

    But if you want to design a unique and professional logo, then we suggest that you use software or hire a professional logo maker.

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