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What are mild hybrid cars? Will it be a profitable deal to buy them? read all about them

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    In the era of rising petrol and diesel prices, the mileage of cars remains a concern for everyone.

    In view of this, now car companies have started launching cars with mild hybrid and hybrid technology.

    A few days later, the popular car maker Honda is also going to launch the hybrid model of its Honda City.

    Hybrid is a completely new technology for the people.

    Here we are going to tell you what are hybrid cars? How does this work? Is it a right decision to buy them?

    What is Hybrid Car?

    Hybrid means that an object is made by mixing two things.

    In the case of cars, a hybrid means a car that runs on two types of fuel.

    The hybrid cars that are currently available in the market use petrol-diesel engines as well as electric motors and batteries.

    How do hybrid cars work?

    • One petrol-diesel and one electric are used in hybrid cars.
    • Together these two work to rotate the tyres.
    • This reduces the cost of petrol and increases their mileage.
    • Self-charging technology in a hybrid car works through regenerative braking, which sends power back to the battery inside the car.
    • It charges the battery without charging the car.
    • That is, this car can be run on both fuel and electric.
    • Apart from this, this battery delivers electricity to those parts of the car, where fuel was earlier spent for this.

    What are its benefits?

    • The best thing about hybrid cars is that hybrid cars give more mileage than normal cars.
    • Secondly, even after the fuel runs out, these cars can be driven for some distance.
    • It can easily run for few kilometers with the help of electric motor and battery.
    • Hybrid cars are less polluting.
    • Hybrid cars are cheaper than electric cars, that is, they cost the same as normal cars.
    • At present, this technology is available in these expensive luxury cars in India.
    • However, now companies like Maruti Suzuki and Honda have also launched their mild hybrid car Ciaz and Honda has launched the hybrid model of City.
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