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You can start Kulhad making business in 5k rupees and earn 30k per month check how

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    If you are also planning for extra income apart from job or are thinking of starting a business opportunity, then today we will give you such a business idea, so that you will get every Months can earn bumper.

    Large population in India is fond of tea (Kulhad making business).

    Kulhad tea is also in demand at railway stations, bus depots and airports.

    In such a situation, you can start the business of making and selling Kulhad.

    Let us know how this business can be started.

    Modi government is also promoting

    The Modi government at the Center is also emphasizing on increasing the demand for Kulhad so that the income of the people associated with its business can increase.

    Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari had also demanded a ban on giving tea in plastic and paper cups to promote kulhad.

    Government provides electric chalk

    The central government has implemented the potter empowerment scheme to promote the kulhad business.

    Under the scheme, the central government gives electric wheels to potters across the country.

    They can make all clay pots including kulhad from it.

    Later, the government also buys these kulhads from potters at a good price.

    You can start this business in low cost

    Looking at the current era, this business can be started at a very low cost.

    For this you will need a little space as well as Rs 5,000.

    Khadi Village Industries Commission chairman Vinay Kumar Saxena had informed some time ago that in the year 2020, the central government had distributed 25 thousand electric chalks.

    How much can you sell Kulhad for?

    Along with being very economical, tea kulhad is also safe from the environmental point of view.

    The price of tea kulhad is around 50 rupees to a hundred.

    At the same time, the cost of lassi kulhad is 150 rupees a hundred, milk kulhad costs 150 rupees a hundred and a cup gets 100 rupees a hundred.

    Their demand increases during festivals and wedding season.

    They are likely to get good prices if the demand increases.

    How much will be saved every day

    In today's time, the price of Kulhad tea in cities ranges from 15 to 20 rupees.

    If the business is run properly and the focus is on selling Kulhad, then in 1 day, around Rs.1,000 can be saved.

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