How to Get Rid of Money on the Sims 4 in 4 Easy Ways

As your Sims get further in their careers and relationships, their bank accounts start accumulating more money than they know what to do with. While … As your Sims get further in their careers and relationships, their bank accounts start accumulating more money than they know what to do with. While h…

As your Sims get further in their careers and relationships, their bank accounts start accumulating more money than they know what to do with.

While having a nest egg is important, having too much unused money in The Sims 4 can make the game less challenging and engaging.

If you find your Sims have become millionaires and the game has lost some of the struggle, it may be time to deplete some of that excess cash.

Here are four easy ways to get rid of money on The Sims 4 and make the game more interesting again.

By employing a few of these simple money draining techniques, you'll get your Sims' finances down to a level where they still need to put in work to advance, and the game regains a sense of purpose.

Why You Might Want to Get Rid of Money in the Sims 4

There are a few reasons why you may want your Sims to have less money in The Sims 4.

As your Sims advance in their careers or skills, their household funds can accumulate quickly.

This can make the game less challenging and interesting.

By reducing your Sims' money supply, you are forced to have them focus on necessities and work to earn more.

Sims with excess money may become idle or lazy since they can afford to not work or skill build.

Removing funds encourages your Sims to remain productive and motivated.

They need to work or skill up to pay bills, buy food, and afford entertainment.

This helps create a more realistic gameplay experience where your Sims must earn money to survive and thrive.

Another reason to reduce money is to increase difficulty.

When your Sims have limited funds, you need to make difficult decisions on how to spend their money wisely.

You may need to choose between paying bills, buying food, improving skills, or other priorities.

This added challenge can make the game more engaging and rewarding as you work to build up funds and progress your Sims' lives.

There are a few ways to systematically reduce your Sims' household funds in the game.

Donating money to charities and fundraising events is an easy method.

You can also move your Sims into a smaller, less expensive home which will reduce their available money.

Having your Sims quit their jobs for a period of time will stop the flow of income until they find new employment.

These techniques, used separately or together, can effectively lower your Sims' money supply and increase the difficulty and realism in your game.

Method 1: Donating to Charity With the Mailbox

To donate your Simoleons to charity through the mailbox, follow these steps:

Open the Mailbox

Access the mailbox on your lot, either by clicking the mailbox or selecting 'Call Mail Carrier' from the phone.

This will open the mailbox menu.

Select 'Donate to Charity'

Scroll down the list of options in the mailbox menu and choose 'Donate to Charity'.

This will open a dialog box where you can enter the amount you wish to donate.

Choose an Amount to Donate

In the donation dialog box, enter the amount of money you want to donate to charity.

You can donate any amount, from §1 all the way up to §100,000.

The more you donate, the bigger the boost it will provide to your Sim's Charitable reputation.

Complete the Donation

Once you've entered the amount, click 'Donate' to complete the transaction.

The money will be deducted from your household funds instantly.

Your Sim will receive a Charitable reputation boost based on the size of the donation.

The bigger the donation, the bigger the reputation gain.

Donating money to charity is an easy way to quickly boost your Sim's Charitable reputation and get rid of excess funds.

While the amounts that can be donated in one transaction are capped, there is no limit to how frequently you can donate.

You can donate as often as you like to continuously build up your Sim's Charitable standing in the community.

Method 2: Buying and Selling Expensive Items

One effective way to quickly dispose of excess Simoleons is by buying and selling high-value items.

Below are the steps to follow:

Buy Expensive Items

Visit some of the more upscale venues in your Sims’ neighborhood and purchase extravagant items like:

  • Jewelry

  • Works of art

  • Vehicles

  • Luxury furnishings

The more valuable the merchandise, the faster your funds will deplete.

Mark Up Prices Exorbitantly

Once you have acquired an assortment of pricey goods, dramatically increase the asking prices, often 200-500% above the initial cost.

Place the items for sale in your Sims’ home or yard.

The unreasonable prices will discourage most prospective buyers, enabling your Sims to retain ownership while losing money in the process.

Sell Items at a Loss

If after a while your high-priced products still have not sold, cut your losses and sell them at substantially lower costs, typically 50-75% below purchase price.

Your Sims will take a sizable financial hit, but the items will move quickly at the reduced rates.

Repeat this buy high, sell low cycle to continuously hemorrhage funds.

Consider a Yard Sale

For faster liquidation of your Sims’ recently acquired luxury assets, consider hosting a yard sale.

Mark everything for sale at bargain basement prices, often just 10-25% of the original value.

Wealthy Sims will flock to the event and snap up the deals, allowing your Sims to swiftly deplete their bank account balance.

This method requires the Get to Work expansion pack.

With some experimentation, these techniques can eliminate over 50,000 Simoleons in just a Sims day or two.

Repeating the steps whenever your Sims’ funds start accumulating again will help ensure their wealth remains in check.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Method 3: Moving House and Selling Your Furniture

To reduce your Sims’ wealth by selling their furniture, follow these steps:

Gather Furniture to Sell

Go through your Sims’ home and select furniture, decor, and appliances you wish to sell.

Focus on high-value items, as this will reduce your funds most efficiently.

Make a list of objects to sell to keep track of what you’ve earmarked for removal.

Price Items Appropriately

Check the purchase price of items to determine a fair asking price for resale.

As a general rule, used goods will sell for 50-70% of the original retail price.

Price items on the higher end of that range to maximize your profit.

You may need to adjust prices downwards to make a quick sale.

Place Items for Sale

Have your Sim use their phone or computer to list the items for sale on the Sims’ version of websites like Bargain Bins or Plopsy.

Be sure to include pictures and thorough descriptions to attract interested buyers.

You can also place a “Yard Sale” sign on your property and have your Sim sell directly to visitors.

Negotiate and Finalize Sales

Once you receive offers, evaluate them carefully.

Counteroffers slightly above the asking price are reasonable, but avoid pricing items too high, or they won’t sell.

Accept fair offers to complete the sales promptly.

Have your Sim greet buyers, accept payments through the phone or in-person, then have the items removed from the property as quickly as possible.

Move to a Smaller Home (Optional)

If selling your furniture does not reduce your funds sufficiently, consider moving your Sims to a smaller, less expensive home.

Choose a home well below your budget to substantially lower costs and increase the challenge of building wealth again.

Sell your existing home to eliminate its value from your total funds.

Following these steps deliberately and systematically will enable you to reduce your Sims' excessive wealth through the resale of valuable furniture and property.

Keep adjusting prices and making sales until your funds reach the desired level.

With some savvy selling techniques, you'll get your Sims' finances back on track in no time.

Method 4: Using Cheats and Mods to Remove Funds

If you want to remove a large amount of money from your Sims’ household funds in a quick and easy way, using cheats and mods is an effective solution.

This method allows you to deduct money directly from your Sims’ funds without having to spend time using the other methods.

To deduct money from your Sims’ funds using cheats:

  1. Enable cheats by opening the cheat console.

    Press “Ctrl + Shift + C” on Windows/Linux or “Command + Shift + C” on Mac.

  2. Type “money ” into the cheat console, replacing with the number of simoleons you want to deduct.

    For example, to deduct 50,000 simoleons, you would type “money -50000”.

  3. Press “Enter” to deduct the money from your Sims’ household funds.

You can also download mods like the Sims 4 Money Cheat mod which provides an easy interface to add or deduct money.

Once installed, you’ll find the “Sims 4 Money Cheat” option in the game settings menu.

Select it and enter the amount you want to deduct from your funds.

The mod will instantly make the necessary deductions.

Using cheats and mods allows you to bypass the time required to spend money through normal gameplay.

However, some players prefer to earn and spend money through standard gameplay for a more realistic experience.

It depends on your specific playing style and preferences.

If quick and easy is what you’re looking for though, cheats and mods are an effective way to deduct large sums of money in the Sims 4.


There you have it, four easy ways you can get rid of extra money on The Sims 4.

Whether through lavish spending, generous gifting, purposeful donating or simple deleting, now you have the means to control your Sim's finances and keep the game challenging.

With money comes opportunity in The Sims 4, but also less motivation to work and advance careers or skills.

By employing one or more of these methods, you open up your Sim to focusing on what really matters - relationships, experiences and self-betterment.

While money certainly makes the virtual world go 'round, too much of a good thing can spoil the fun.

Use these tips to strike the right balance in your game and keep progressing your Sims in a meaningful way.

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