The Truth About Jane Street Software Engineer Salaries

As you consider a career as a software engineer, you may wonder about the compensation at top firms. Jane Street, a proprietary trading firm, is reno… As you consider a career as a software engineer, you may wonder about the compensation at top firms. Jane Street, a proprietary trading firm, is renow…

As you consider a career as a software engineer, you may wonder about the compensation at top firms.

Jane Street, a proprietary trading firm, is renowned for its prestige and generous pay in the technology industry.

However, their compensation structure remains opaque to outsiders.

If you want the inside scoop on Jane Street software engineering salaries to determine if it's the right path for you, read on to learn the truth about pay at one of the most coveted places to code.

With offices in New York, London, and Hong Kong, Jane Street attracts top talent from around the globe with a promise of intellectual challenge and reward.

What Is Jane Street? An Overview of the Firm

Jane Street is a quantitative trading firm founded in 2000 that trades a variety of financial products, including equities, commodities, bonds, futures, options, and more.

With headquarters in New York and offices in London, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam, Jane Street has become a leader in electronic trading and market making.

The firm utilizes proprietary trading algorithms and strategies to find opportunities for making markets and executing trades.

Jane Street is known for hiring top talent, especially candidates with degrees in mathematics, computer science, engineering, and physics.

As an employee at Jane Street, you would work as a quantitative trader (also known as a quant) or software engineer, developing and improving the systems and software the firm uses to analyze markets and execute trades.

The work environment at Jane Street is challenging and fast-paced yet collaborative.

Employees, who are some of the best and brightest in their fields, work together on complex problems to build innovative solutions.

Jane Street offers competitive salaries, including base pay, discretionary bonuses, and a generous benefits package with perks like on-site dining options, transportation stipends, wellness programs, and paid time off.

A career at Jane Street provides the opportunity to apply quantitative and software engineering skills to real-world problems at a leading firm in financial technology.

If you're interested in a role that rewards intellectual curiosity, creativity, and a passion for building advanced systems, Jane Street could be an excellent place to grow your career.

Jane Street Software Engineer Job Roles and Responsibilities

As a software engineer at Jane Street, you will play an integral role in developing and maintaining the firm's proprietary trading systems and software.

Core Responsibilities

Your core responsibilities will include:

  1. Designing, developing, and deploying software solutions to support Jane Street's trading strategies.

    This includes building ultra-low latency trading systems, developing algorithms, and creating visualization tools for analyzing market data.

2.Maintaining and optimizing existing software systems and infrastructure.

This involves monitoring system health, identifying and fixing issues to ensure maximum uptime and performance.

3.Collaborating with quantitative researchers and traders.

You will work closely with team members across the firm to understand requirements, implement new strategies, and provide software solutions to support their needs.

4.Keeping your technical skills and knowledge up-to-date.

Working in such a fast-paced, technology-focused environment requires continuously learning new languages, frameworks, and development techniques to build innovative solutions.

5.Mentoring other engineers.

As an experienced member of the engineering team, you may be tasked with helping onboard and guide more junior software engineers.

Qualifications and Experience

To be successful as a Jane Street software engineer, you should have:

  • A degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field.

  • Proficiency in C++, Java, Python or a similar language.

  • Experience with Linux and low-latency, high-throughput systems.

  • Knowledge of networking, concurrency, and parallelism concepts.

-The ability to think logically and solve complex, open-ended problems.

-A passion for technology and building high performance systems.

With the right skills and motivation, you can have a challenging and rewarding career as a software engineer at Jane Street.

The opportunities for professional growth are endless.

Average Jane Street Software Engineer Salaries

As a software engineer at Jane Street, you can expect to earn a competitive salary.

According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for a software engineer at Jane Street is $158,068 per year.

Salaries range from $110,000 at the low end up to $220,000 for very senior roles.

Level of Experience

-Entry-level engineers (0-3 years of experience) earn an average of $150,000.

-Mid-level engineers (4-6 years of experience) earn an average of $170,000.

-Senior engineers (7-9 years of experience) earn an average of $190,000.

-Staff engineers (10+ years of experience) earn an average of $210,000.

Salaries are often higher for engineers with specialized skills or domain knowledge in areas like:

•Low-latency systems: Experience building high performance trading systems and platforms.

•Functional programming: Proficiency in OCaml, Haskell or other functional languages.

•Machine learning: Experience applying machine learning and data science to solve complex problems.

Jane Street is known for hiring strong engineers and providing opportunities for career growth.

Salaries increase over time through a combination of annual performance-based raises and promotions to higher job levels with expanded responsibilities.

In addition to base pay, Jane Street provides generous benefits and perks including:

•Bonuses: Software engineers are eligible for discretionary bonuses based on individual and company performance.

Bonuses often match or exceed base salaries.

•Relocation assistance: Jane Street provides relocation packages to help engineers moving to New York or London.

•Healthcare: Jane Street pays 100% of health insurance premiums for employees and their families.

•Time off: New software engineers receive 3-4 weeks of paid time off, in addition to public holidays.

•Additional benefits: Jane Street also offers benefits like retirement planning, life insurance, and an employee discount program.

While total compensation at Jane Street is very high compared to industry averages, the work is challenging and fast-paced.

However, for top engineers passionate about functional programming, low-latency systems and finance, Jane Street can be an extremely rewarding place to work.

Factors That Impact Jane Street Software Engineer Compensation

As a software engineer at Jane Street, several factors determine your compensation package.

Performance and skills are evaluated regularly to determine salary increases and bonuses.

Experience and Expertise

The more experience you have as a software engineer, especially in functional languages like OCaml that Jane Street relies on, the higher your salary will be.

Expertise in specific areas like low-latency trading systems, market making algorithms, and quantitative strategies are highly valued and compensated.

Seasoned engineers with 10-15 years of relevant experience can make $500,000-$700,000 or more in total compensation.

Contributions and Performance

Jane Street evaluates engineers based on the impact and value of their contributions.

Engineers who take on more responsibility, mentor other team members, and make important contributions to critical systems and trading strategies tend to receive higher salaries and bonuses.

Strong performance reviews and a track record of successful, high-impact work are rewarded generously.

Bonuses and Profit Sharing

In addition to base salaries, Jane Street software engineers are eligible for discretionary bonuses and profit sharing.

Bonuses for strong performance can make up a significant portion of total pay.

As an employee-owned firm, Jane Street also distributes a portion of annual profits to all employees.

Distributions can amount to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for senior engineers.


Jane Street's main offices are in New York City, London, and Hong Kong.

Salaries are adjusted based on the local costs of living in each city.

Software engineers in New York and London, where the cost of living and demand for talent are highest, tend to be on the higher end of the salary range.

Engineers in other locations may make slightly less in base pay but can still earn substantial bonuses and profit sharing.

How Jane Street Salaries Compare to Other Firms

As a software engineer at Jane Street, you can expect to earn a highly competitive salary.

Jane Street salaries for software engineers are typically on the higher end of the scale compared to other firms.

This is due to several factors:

Demand for Talent

Jane Street recruits top engineering talent from around the world.

To attract and retain these highly skilled individuals, Jane Street offers salary packages at the upper range of the pay scale for software engineers.

Candidates with exceptional skills, talents, and experience can potentially earn even higher compensation.

Complexity of Work

The work of a software engineer at Jane Street is extremely demanding.

You will be building complex, low-latency trading systems and quantitative models.

This level of work requires advanced knowledge and expertise, which warrants higher pay.

Bonuses and Benefits

In addition to base pay, software engineers at Jane Street receive generous bonuses and benefits.

Bonuses can amount to a significant portion of total compensation.

Benefits include full medical and dental coverage, gym membership, transportation allowance, and paid time off.

The total rewards package at Jane Street is very competitive.

Career Growth

There are many opportunities for career advancement at Jane Street as a software engineer.

As you gain more experience, you can progress to higher levels of responsibility and compensation.

Top performers have the potential to become technical leads, managers, and executives, with salary increasing substantially at each level.

While Jane Street salaries are undoubtedly at the higher end of the range, the compensation is well deserved given the world-class skills and contributions of their software engineers.

The rewards of working at Jane Street extend far beyond just pay and benefits.

As an engineer, you have the opportunity to work with the latest technologies, solve complex problems, and build innovative systems that drive the firm’s success.

For the right candidate, a career as a software engineer at Jane Street can be enormously fulfilling and impactful.


As you have discovered, Jane Street offers very competitive compensation for software engineers.

Their salaries are well above average for the industry and location.

However, a high salary comes with high expectations for performance, skill, and work-life balance.

Before pursuing a career at Jane Street, make sure their culture and work environment is the right fit for your needs and values.

While the money and interesting work may be appealing, job satisfaction depends on more than just compensation.

Do thorough research to determine if Jane Street’s demanding expectations align with your own career and life goals.

If so, the rewards of working at such a prestigious firm could be very rewarding.

But go in with eyes open to the potential downsides of their intense work environment.

Make a choice that optimizes your happiness and well-being above all else.

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