How Much Money Does Guava Juice Make on YouTube? The Answer May Surprise You

As an avid YouTube viewer, you've likely come across the vibrant and engaging content from Guava Juice. With over 13 million subscribers and bill… As an avid YouTube viewer, you've likely come across the vibrant and engaging content from Guava Juice. With over 13 million subscribers and billi…

As an avid YouTube viewer, you've likely come across the vibrant and engaging content from Guava Juice.

With over 13 million subscribers and billions of views across his channels, Guava Juice has established himself as one of the platform's top creators.

However, have you ever wondered just how much money the YouTube sensation is making from his viral videos and brand sponsorships? The answer may surprise you.

By cultivating an enthusiastic fanbase and diversifying his content, Guava Juice has built an online empire and amassed an estimated net worth of over $1 million US.

An Introduction to Guava Juice and His YouTube Channel

Guava Juice, whose real name is Roi Fabito, is a popular YouTuber known for his fun and entertaining content.

Born in the Philippines on August 21, 1991, Guava Juice started his YouTube channel in 2006 at the age of 15.

Now at the age of 30, his main channel has over 15 million subscribers and billions of total video views.

Guava Juice posts comedy sketches, reaction videos, challenges, vlogs, and gameplay footage.

Some of his most popular videos are trying weird products, doing the spicy noodle challenge, and reacting to viral internet videos.

His fun and energetic personality combined with family-friendly content has resonated with viewers of all ages.

In addition to his massive following on YouTube, Guava Juice has an impressive social media presence with over 3 million followers on Instagram and 1.5 million followers on Twitter.

Due to his widespread influence and popularity, Guava Juice has worked with major brands like Disney, Mattel, and Nickelodeon.

He won a Streamy Award in 2018 for best family-friendly channel.

While YouTube ad revenue and sponsorships make up a large portion of his income, Guava Juice also sells merchandise like t-shirts, phone cases, and fidget spinners on his website.

According to various estimates, Guava Juice makes between $343,300 to $5.5 million per year from his YouTube channel and business ventures.

For a YouTuber, especially one focused on creating content for all ages, Guava Juice has achieved remarkable success and continues to be an inspiration.

Estimating Guava Juice's YouTube Earnings

As an influencer, Guava Juice primarily generates revenue from several sources on YouTube.

According to multiple estimates, Guava Juice makes between $343,300 to $5.5 million per year from his main YouTube channel.


The majority of Guava Juice’s income comes from ads placed in and around his videos.

YouTube places ads in his content and shares a percentage of the revenue with him.

Rates vary but are estimated to be $2 to $7 per 1,000 views.

With over 15 billion lifetime views, Guava Juice has likely earned millions from YouTube ads alone.


Guava Juice frequently promotes products and services from sponsors in dedicated videos and product placements.

Major brands pay influencers like Guava Juice large sums to endorse their products to his loyal followers.

Sponsorship deals can range from $50,000 to $500,000 per video.

Guava Juice likely has multiple sponsorships contributing significantly to his annual earnings.


In addition to digital content, Guava Juice sells merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, and more on his website and at live events.

While profit margins on merchandise are high, the revenue likely makes up a smaller portion of his total income relative to ads and sponsorships.

However, strong merchandise sales demonstrate his fans’ loyalty and passion.

Additional Income Sources for Guava Juice

As one of the top YouTubers, Guava Juice has utilized his online platform to generate revenue through various means beyond just ad revenue sharing with YouTube.

Brand sponsorships and product placements

With over 10 million subscribers, Guava Juice is an influencer who can promote products to a wide audience.

He frequently features sponsorships and product placements in his videos from brands like Audible, SeatGeek, and mobile games like Lords Mobile.

Featuring a brand for just 30 seconds in one video can earn $30,000 or more.

Over the course of a year, his brand deals likely amount to over $1 million.

YouTube channel memberships

Guava Juice offers channel memberships for $4.99/month with exclusive perks like custom emoji, livestreams, and shoutouts.

Even with just 2-3% of his subscribers signing up, this could generate $200,000-$500,000 annually.


Guava Juice has an online store featuring t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, and more emblazoned with his logo and catchphrases.

While exact sales numbers are not public, YouTubers of his size often make $500,000-$2 million per year from merchandise.

Appearances and tours

Guava Juice has gone on three world tours, performing for fans in multiple countries.

Tours provide another avenue for meet-and-greets, photo ops, and merchandise sales.

The tours likely netted him at least $500,000 each in additional revenue.


As Guava Juice’s channel and brand have grown, he has likely made investments to generate additional wealth, though details of any investments are not public.

However, it is common for influencers and public figures to invest in stocks, real estate, startups, and other ventures.

Through exploiting these diverse opportunities afforded by his YouTube fame, Guava Juice has amassed an impressive fortune and turned his channel into a multimedia brand and business.

His success serves as an inspiration and model for up-and-coming influencers and content creators.

Guava Juice's Net Worth and Lifestyle

Guava Juice, whose real name is Roi Fabito, has become quite wealthy from his successful YouTube channel.

According to publicly available data and estimates, his net worth is approximately $1 million US.

The majority of this comes from the ad revenue generated on his YouTube channel.

YouTube Earnings

As of 2021, Guava Juice has 15.6 million subscribers and over 5 billion total video views on his main YouTube channel.

Based on this, his estimated yearly earnings from YouTube are between $343,300 to $5.5 million US, according to influencer marketing firms.

The actual amount he makes depends on views, interactions, and current YouTube ad rates.

His lively content and family-friendly videos attract many viewers, which translates into substantial money from ads, sponsorships, and brand deals.

Guava Juice creates kid-centric content like science experiments, gaming, challenges, and vlogs.

With an average of 2 to 3 new videos uploaded per week, he is able to consistently drive traffic and views to his channel.

Other Endeavors

In addition to YouTube, Guava Juice has other business interests.

He created a mobile game called ‘Guava Juice: Tub Tapper’ and an animated web series called ‘The Adventures of Guava Juice.’ He also earns money from sponsorships and promoting products in his videos.

Guava Juice resides in Los Angeles, California.

While much of his lifestyle remains private, his YouTube videos and social media posts suggest he lives comfortably from his YouTube success.

He is able to afford living in an upscale home, owning nice vehicles, and traveling around the world.

Overall, Guava Juice has built an extremely profitable business and career around creating fun, family-friendly content on YouTube.

His dedication and hard work over the years have certainly paid off, allowing him to become a self-made millionaire and social media star.

With a loyal fan base and new opportunities on the horizon, Guava Juice's net worth will likely continue to grow in the years to come.

Lessons From Guava Juice's YouTube Success

To achieve success on YouTube like Guava Juice, several key lessons can be gleaned from his experience.

Consistent Uploading Schedule

Guava Juice uploads new videos 2-3 times per week on a consistent schedule.

His 10 million subscribers know they can expect new content frequently.

Developing a regular uploading schedule, whether daily, weekly or biweekly, builds expectation and loyalty in your viewers.

Trending Topics and Challenges

Guava Juice creates videos around challenges, trends, and topics that are popular at the moment, which helps to increase views and shares.

Some examples include the “In My Mouth” challenge, slime videos, and “3 Marker Challenge”.

Staying on the pulse of what is trending on YouTube and other social platforms will lead to higher viewership.


Collaborating with other YouTubers is an effective way to reach new audiences.

Guava Juice has collaborated with YouTubers like Rebecca Zamolo, Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint.

When choosing a collaboration partner, look for YouTubers with a similar content style and viewership size.

Cross-promote by uploading to each other’s channels and promoting on social media.

Engaging with Viewers

Guava Juice actively engages with viewers in the comments section of his videos.

He responds to questions and comments, and hosts live streams where fans can interact directly.

Engaging with your viewers helps to build a loyal fan base, as subscribers feel a personal connection.

Respond to viewers, heart their comments, host live streams and be active in your YouTube community.

Keep Improving Your Content

While consistency is key, it is also important to keep improving your content over time.

Compare your older videos to newer ones to see how lighting, editing, sound and overall quality have improved for Guava Juice.

Continually learn new techniques, upgrade equipment when possible, and practice to mastery.

Viewers will appreciate the higher quality content.

With dedication and consistency, you too can build a successful YouTube channel like Guava Juice.

Focus on an uploading schedule, use trending topics, collaborate with other YouTubers, engage with your viewers and keep improving your content.

Success on the platform is within your reach.


In conclusion, Guava Juice has found immense success and built a lucrative career through his entertaining YouTube channel.

By consistently uploading fun and family-friendly content over the years, he has amassed over 9 billion views and 13 million subscribers.

His dedication and passion for creating videos that spread positivity and bring joy to his viewers have allowed him to turn his hobby into a full-time job.

While the exact figures of his annual earnings are not publicly disclosed, estimates place his income from YouTube advertisements and sponsorships at well over $1 million US per year.

His story serves as an inspiration, demonstrating how anyone with a creative skill and persistence can find prosperity on today's digital platforms.

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