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What Does a Franchise Lawyer Do? A Guide to Help You Select the Right One

Of all the business-related decisions you’ll make as you set up your new franchise, picking a lawyer might be the most important one of all. Lawyers play an important role in virtually every aspect of franchising and will help you avoid costly legal issues down the line when starting your own company by doing things like drafting your franchise agreement and protecting you from intellectual property infringement claims. It’s crucial that you select the right one to ensure that your business remains protected over the years to come. Business owners often hire lawyers to help them with contracts, trademarks, and other legal matters. One specific type of lawyer who specialises in contract law is a franchise lawyer. These lawyers can help you with your franchising needs and to ensure that your business stays protected. But what exactly do they do?  Below are the answers to some of the most common questions about this type of lawyer so you’ll have a better understanding when you meet one an