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Is Selling Life Insurance Ethical? A Case Study

There has been some debate in the insurance world about whether it’s ethical to sell life insurance when you know someone is at high risk of not living long enough to use the product or service they are purchasing. However, there are plenty of reasons why selling life insurance can be entirely ethical, and this case study will break it down into simple terms so that you’re able to make an educated decision about whether you believe the same thing or not. The life insurance industry in America The life of a person is priceless, yet the life insurance industry in America is making it seem like a commodity. It's almost as if these companies are betting on death, and they're betting that you'll die so that they can profit. In fact, the company will profit greatly if you die early!  If you die at a young age, the policy will pay out to your beneficiaries sooner rather than later. And since rates for new policies increase with age (due to an increased risk for mortality), this me