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Splashtop Software Updater: Improved Performance and Reliability

Splashtop Software Updater is a free application that keeps your Splashtop-enabled computers up to date with the latest software and drivers, without the need to download large packages manually. You can now update these applications through the new Splashtop Software Updater, which provides you with an easier and more intuitive user interface to download and install updates. Splashtop has released an all-new version of its software updater, making it easier and faster than ever to keep your computer running optimally. The updated software offers improved performance, reliability, and a streamlined user experience. The new Splashtop Software Updater will help you get the most out of your computer by quickly and reliably identifying and installing updates for both software and hardware components. It can detect missing drivers, offer to install the latest Windows patches, and even scan your system for security threats. All these features make it easy to keep your computer running smooth