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What Does a Travel Blogger Do? A Day in the Life!

People dream of traveling the world and experiencing different cultures every day of their lives, but they might not realise that you can make money doing it!  Travel bloggers are people who travel the world, experience different cultures, and share their stories with the rest of us via blogs, websites, vlogs and social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Read on to learn more about what this job entails and whether it could be the right career move for you! What Is Travel Blogger Travel bloggers are bloggers who are passionate about traveling. Their job is to write about their travels and make recommendations for places to go and things to do. They also post photos of the places they visit, which makes it much easier for people who want to travel but don't know where to start. Most importantly, travel bloggers offer valuable advice on what to pack and how best to budget your time. The days of being at the mercy of out-of-date guidebooks have come to an end thanks to soc