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What is Silo Structure In SEO

A website is usually organized into several sections: header, content area, sidebar and footer.   These sections are independent of each other in CSS terms, which means that they can be displayed anywhere on the screen.   This may be useful if you want to improve your SEO results by placing certain keywords in different areas of your web-page.   For example, if I want my page to rank higher for “SEO”, I would place my focus keyword “SEO” as often as possible into my content area, while placing less important keywords into the sidebar or header. Since at least 2006, Silo structures in SEO have been a popular means of creating a logical site architecture.   In the past two years the SEO community has seen a massive surge in marketers looking to create Silos in their sites.   It is important that you understand what exactly a silo structure is and how it can benefit your SEO campaigns. In its most simple definition, Silo Structure in SEO refers to the creation of separate pages on a websi

How To Start A Successful Lifestyle Blog

If you are reading this article, there is a good chance that you have had some sort of an idea about starting your own lifestyle blog. It could be because you think it will be fun or perhaps because you need another way to supplement your income. There are many reasons why people decide to start blogging and all of them are valid ones. In this post we are going to cover:,What You Need Before You Start – A list of things to check off before you get started. Choosing a Blogging Topic Choose Blogging Platforms Hosting and Domain Publish Content Promoting Your Site Effectively Getting Readers To Check Out Your Site Making Money as a Blogger? Blogging started as just another hobby for individuals who wanted to share their thoughts with the rest of the world. However over time, blogging has become something more than just an activity where people shared random articles on various topics. Today’s bloggers make money through ad revenue, affiliate commissions and similar means. This means that

How To Start An Ask Blog In 2023

The first thing you need to know before starting an ask blog is that this is not a joke. This can be hard work, and it takes time and effort to make sure everything works. Making your own ask blog does not mean making your own tumblr, but rather taking the time to take over one that already exists. Why do you want to have an ask blog?  What’s in it for me?  Some people just love answering questions, others are really good at drawing or writing – anything that might help someone out there who feels lonely or sad!  You don’t have to give away all of what you are doing either – if you are shy about being super personal with q&a’s then maybe have separate non-ask blogs where people can check out your art, stories or whatever else you do. In this article we’ll have a look at some of the things to consider when starting an ask blog: What should I call my blog? Make sure your ask blog has a memorable and easy-to-spell name! Also make sure it makes sense – if someone asks for an example of

How To Get Sponsors For Your Blog

The more readers you have, the greater your chances of getting blog sponsorships.  If you can get around 500 visitors per day and if they read through every single one of your articles, then that is a good start and companies and businesses will be more likely to sponsor your blog.  The more people read through your posts, the more authority you will gain on the Internet and therefor the easier it becomes for you to get sponsors for your blog or website. Blog owners usually want their site/blog to be unique and different from others out there since we don’t want our product looking just like anyone else’s right?  So we take time in making our sites look better than most websites out there.  We all know that search engines place a lot of weight when deciding where to rank your site in search results.  Why You should have ads from sponsors Having a blog with fresh content is half the battle, but having great looking widgets and post designs will help you out tremendously! So what are som

499+ New Directory Submission Sites for SEO 2022

Are you looking to get your website noticed? Directory submission sites are a great way to help increase your visibility online. Directory submission sites allow you to submit your website’s link to a directory which can then be accessed by other users. Not only does this increase your website’s visibility, but it also helps build backlinks and improve your website’s SEO. In this blog post, we will be discussing the top directory submission sites that can help you get your website noticed. what is directory submission sites Directory submission sites are web directories which allow websites to be submitted in order for them to receive a link from the directory. By submitting your website to these directories, you can gain increased visibility in search engine rankings, as well as traffic to your website. When searching for a good directory submission site, it is important to look for high domain authority (DA) directories, which generally rank higher in search engine results pages (SER

How To Turn Off Read Receipts On Instagram

Are you concerned about your online privacy? Do you want to keep your Instagram conversations private? If so, you're in the right place. This guide will help you understand how to turn off read receipts on Instagram, so that you can control who knows when you've read a message and keep your conversations private. We'll explain what read receipts are, how to turn them off on both Android and iOS, and some of the privacy benefits that come with doing so. Read on for the ultimate guide to turning off read receipts on Instagram. What are read receipts? Read receipts are an Instagram feature that allow you to see when someone has read your direct message. When a user sends a message, they’ll be able to see when the other person has opened and read it, as indicated by a checkmark next to the message. Read receipts can be useful if you want to know when someone has seen your message, but they can also be intrusive. If you don’t want others to know when you’ve read their messages,