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Your Complete Guide to Finding the Best Accident Attorney Near You

If you’ve been injured in an accident, the last thing you want to worry about is how to find the best accident attorney near you. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available that can help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the best attorney to represent your interests in a personal injury claim or lawsuit. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything from understanding the law to locating your perfect attorney with ease. How do I find an injury lawyer? Guide to Finding the Best Accident Attorney Near You There are several ways that you can find an injury lawyer. The first place you should look is on your local area’s Yellow Pages website. After searching for accident attorney, you should see a long list of attorneys that specialize in these types of cases. If you don’t see any listed on your website, type in personal injury attorney near me or something similar and search again. In most areas, there will be at least one attor

Why Lawyers Hate Marketing Agencies: The Top 10 Reasons

It is no secret that lawyers and marketing agencies often don't see eye to eye, but what are the real reasons behind this animosity?  In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 reasons why lawyers may not be too keen on working with marketing agencies. From inadequate results to a lack of communication, we will take a look at why lawyers may struggle to trust marketing agencies and how this can be addressed. 1) They're too expensive For lawyers, marketing agencies can often be too expensive to be worth the investment. Lawyers already have to pay for their own overhead costs, such as rent, staff, and office supplies, so the idea of paying for a marketing agency on top of these costs can be daunting. This can be especially true for smaller law firms that may not have the budget to hire an outside agency. Even if they do have the budget, they might find it difficult to justify spending money on something they could potentially do in-house. At the end of the day, it's import

A Case Gone Wrong: What Happens When a Lawyer Loses

Lawyers are bound by the ethical rules of their state bar to provide competent representation to their clients, but mistakes can and do happen. You may have heard about situations where a lawyer didn’t provide adequate representation or lost a case they should have won. While it is rare, it does happen. Here’s what happens when a lawyer loses a case they should have won and what you can do if you find yourself in this situation. The client may feel betrayed When a lawyer loses a case, it can be an incredibly difficult and frustrating experience for everyone involved. For the lawyer, it can feel like a personal failure that affects their professional reputation, their pride, and even their wallet. But while the lawyer may struggle with the consequences of a lost case, it is the client who often suffers the greatest impact. The emotional impact of a lost case can be especially tough for a client. In many cases, they have put their trust in the lawyer to get them a desired outcome. When t

What Does a Sports Lawyer Do? You May Be Surprised!

You think that sports lawyers just help athletes negotiate their contracts, right?  But you’d be surprised at the kinds of cases they handle. Sports lawyers also act as agents, helping players to negotiate endorsements and other business deals outside of the field of play. And if an athlete gets injured or goes through personal problems, sports lawyers can help them handle everything from media appearances to legal matters that result from their situations. The more you learn about this field, the more you’ll appreciate what it does for all involved in the world of sports—players and fans alike! Sports Lawyer: Who Are They? What Do They Do? Sports lawyers are legal professionals who specialize in the application of law to the sports industry. They help athletes, coaches, teams, and organizations understand and comply with relevant regulations and laws. Sports lawyers also represent clients in a variety of legal matters, such as contract negotiations, labor disputes, and product endorse

When your lawyer retires, what happens next?

There are so many reasons why you might want to retire from the practice of law after working with it for 30 years—you might be worn out, you might want to travel or work on other projects, or you may want to spend more time with your family and loved ones. But what happens when your lawyer retires?  What should you do, and who can help you make sense of the transition?  We’re here to help!  Here’s what happens when your lawyer retires, and how we can help get you started with your new business model. How to Find a New Lawyer When your lawyer retires, it can be a stressful time as you scramble to find a new one. While the transition may seem daunting, with the right steps, you can make sure you have a great lawyer to represent you moving forward. Here are some tips for finding a new lawyer : 1. Ask for recommendations. If your former lawyer retired in good standing, chances are that they can recommend someone in their network who could help you. Ask your lawyer if they know anyone they

What Happens When Your Lawyer Dies: The Implications of Losing Your Legal Counsel

When the time comes to pick an attorney, you want someone with more than just experience behind them. You want someone with integrity, someone who will look out for your best interests, and someone who will fight tooth and nail in your corner. This search can be difficult at times, but it’s much harder when that attorney dies or becomes incapable of carrying out his or her duties as your legal counsel. That’s what happens when your lawyer dies, and you have to be ready to address the consequences of this event in a way that will leave you prepared, happy and protected going forward. What if my attorney dies? The death of your attorney can be a difficult and confusing time. If you are in the midst of legal proceedings, it’s important to understand the implications of losing your legal counsel. There are a few different possibilities for what happens when your lawyer dies. If your attorney was involved in a criminal case, then your case will likely be continued with another attorney who

How to Get the Most Out of Secured Leave as a Lawyer

Most lawyers, regardless of their career level, find that they have to take time off from work on occasion, even if they’re happy in their job. With the exception of unpaid leave, which you’ll learn about in the next section, there are two main types of legally protected leave that lawyers can request from their employers: vacation and sick leave. If you get your job through an employer who offers more than 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year, then you are likely entitled to paid vacation and sick leave as well. Defining secured leave Secured leave is a type of leave that can be taken by lawyers in certain circumstances. It is designed to provide protection for attorneys so that they can take time away from their practice without fear of repercussions or financial penalties. Secured leave is a legal right under the United States Department of Labor, which allows an employee to take an extended absence from their job without suffering a negative impact on their wages, benefits, or job sta