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How to Sell Business Insurance: 10 Steps for Success

No business owner wants to think about it, but the odds are good that at some point your company will experience either property damage, theft or loss of income due to employee injury or illness. {getToc} While there’s no way to predict exactly when one of these unfortunate events will occur, there are steps you can take today to be prepared if any of them ever do. Here are 10 tips for selling business insurance that can help you protect your company from financial ruin and safeguard the livelihoods of your employees. 1) Do your research The first step in selling business insurance is to find a person or company who specializes in this type of insurance. This may be an independent agent, a broker or the company itself. The next step is to research the best products and prices on the market. You can do this by contacting multiple companies and having them provide you with information that will help you make a decision about which company you would like to work with. Once you've cho