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How to Transfer Blogger Blog to Another Google Account

You Know That You Can transfer blogger to another account. Transfer Blog To help Others Or Use This Technique To Make Money. If You Know How To Make Professional Blog Then Use Your This Passion To Build More Blog's. Then , Connect Other People Who Want Blog's. Then , Transfer Blog And Make Extra Money. But ,  Don't Know How To Transfer Blogger Blog To Another Google Account. How to transfer a blog to another Google account  1. First login to Blogger and select blog you want to send to another Google account. 2. Then Go To settings. 3. Click invite more authors in the Permissions section. 4. After this you have to enter the email in which you have to transfer this blog and click send. 5. You will get a message in the entered email id open Mail. 6. Select Accept invitation. 7. Click on accept invitation again. 8. Come back to your blog and refresh the page. 9. Clicking in Admins and Author To check Admin & Author Of Blog. 10. Make Admin To The Email You Want To Make. 11.

Professional Blogger Templates Free Download (WordPress Looking)

Hello , Friends Are You Looking For Professional Blogger Templates For Your Blog To Download For Free Than You Come Right Blog. In This Post I Will Show You Most Professional Blogger themes that looks like WordPress Themes that are mostly paid but i will explain You How Can You Download Absolutely Free. Blogger Is A very Good Platform For Starting Blogging Career People Love to blogging Here the main reason is that because it's free platform. Table of Contents [ hide ] Some People Think That We Can Not Use Premium Themes On Blogger Blog Because Some People Say That Blogger has Some Limitations That's Right Blogger Has Some Limitations But Also We Can Use Professional Themes On Blogger Blog Using Premium Themes. What Is Professional Themes Professional Themes are Themes That Provides Great User Interface they used by professionals and also they Gives reader a great experience this is why we can't download it's free and use on our Blogger Blogs. Professional Them

How to Change WordPress Login URL? (Quick Ways)

Are you a WordPress user and thinking of changing your WordPress website login URL for additional security? If yes, then this article is for you. Below we have shared step-by-step instructions about how you can change your WordPress website login URL. In today’s world of digitalization, most businesses are going online. As we all know, most websites are designed with the help of WordPress because it is straightforward to use; WordPress is already a secure platform, but still, it is essential to take care of your WordPress website’s security. Talking about things you can do to make your website more secure includes hosting your websites with a trusted hosting provider, keeping all themes and plugins up to date, and installing a security plugin. But do you know? Just by changing the WordPress login URL, you are making your website 50% more secure. Yes, you heard right! Your WordPress website will become 50% more secure when you change its default login URL, which is “

Blogger Theme SEO Codes Pack For Getting Higher Ranking

Are You Want To Do Your Blogger Blogs Advanced SEO than You Have to Use SEO Codes on Your Blog Themes. After Using This Codes it's highly chances that your blog posts get rank as well as  organic traffic . Why You Don't Use it. Use it immediately.  Table of Contents [ hide ] What is Blogger Theme SEO In Blogger Theme, we can IMPROVE our SEO with the help of some code we use in theme section, it is called Blogger Theme SEO. Why do blogger theme SEO If you want to get good ranking in Google SERP, then you must definitely work on Theme SEO. This makes the SEO of your blog also good. Is Blogger Theme SEO Important If you want to increase your SEO by putting advanced code in your blogger then you should use these codes or else blogger has already been made SEO friendly by Google. How to do Blogger Theme SEO By Code You have been given the code for Blogger Theme SEO below, paste them before the Blogger Theme </head> tag and save the theme. Code <meta charset='utf-

57 Blogging Terms Every Blogger Must Know 2021 (Glossary for Bloggers)

A blog is a frequently updated online journal or diary in which a person shares his/her thoughts, views and opinions on various topics.  These are commonly known as blogs. Blogging has become very popular these days - this is mainly due to the fact that anyone with access to internet can easily start a blog of their own and share it worldwide. If you have ever wanted to start your own personal blog but didn't know where to begin, here are some blogging terms that will help you understand what you need to do.... Table of Contents [ hide ] 1. RSS Feed: RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  An RSS feed is basically your homepage or index page on your site as well as all the new article pages and blog posts.  With an RSS feed, your readers can stay updated with all the latest information that you have posted on your site. People using the news aggregator will be able to read your updates without visiting your site directly or even subscribing to them manually.

How to Create A Landing Page In WordPress?

Are you thinking of creating a landing page in WordPress? If yes, then this article is for you. Below we have shared how to create a landing page using Elementor in WordPress. Follow the below instructions carefully, and you will be done with your landing page. In this modern era, online presence has become a vital component. Youth worldwide do most of their shopping online, and they spend most of their time browsing the internet. Not only that, adults and even older people too are getting fascinated by the online platform. The reason for telling all that is simple; it proves the internet drives people. Now, most companies, manufacturers, and sellers are shifting to online platforms to sell their products and do business. If you are willing to take your business online, the social media presence is crucial, but another important thing is having a website. A website is just like an online brochure of your products or business. It contains all the different information about the busi