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Technical SEO Vs On Page SEO Vs Off Page SEO - Which One Focuses More Upon Mobile Friendly Pages?

Have you ever wonder if technical SEO can help to rank website?  If it is true, i suggest you run run away from any SEO agency that claim "technical seo" can rank your website overnight. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something related to the off page factors.  This includes links building, social media marketing and a lot of other things.  But not a single one of them touch at the moment on the on page SEO factors.  The on page SEO factor consist of basically three things: meta tags optimization , content optimization and URL optimization . In my point of view even with all those efforts there still be room for improvement especially for new sites which target an specific keywords In this kind of case I would recommend a technical SEO audit. What is this technical SEO audit all about? Technical SEO audit will help to discover the website errors (HTML, CSS, JS), missing tags or broken links.  It can also assure that there are no security loopholes and everything i

How Long Does SEO Take To See Results ?

So you've started your SEO campaign, congratulations.  You will now want to know how long it will take to see any results.  This can be a difficult question to answer as there are many factors that could alter the outcome. What Is An SEO Campaign? For the purpose of this article we're going to assume that you have an existing website that needs traffic and ranking.  Whether you sell products or services online or simply run a blog, your site needs people on its pages for business purposes.  We'll also presume that your site is not already ranking in search engines for relevant keywords and phrases which means it has some work ahead of it before Google deems it worthy enough to show up in search results when customers search for words related to what you currently do. By starting an SEO campaign, you're demanding that Google and other search engines recognise your site as a relevant result to keywords and phrases people search for online.  It's important for any w

Top 21+ SEO Keyword Case Studies by Experts

Do you know what the hardest part about SEO is?  It's not learning how to master SEO techniques or to find out which link building method works best. The very hardest part about doing any kind of optimization is figuring out what keywords we want our page to rank for, and then coming up with a bunch of ways to get it ranked in the top 5 search results on Google for that particular keyword. Why does this seem so hard all the time? Because there are literally millions upon millions of other people trying to do exactly the same thing we are.  They're trying to figure out how they can crack the code and magically get their web page ranked for some amazing keywords. It's like everyone and their mother wants that number one spot, and it doesn't matter if you're an SEO agency or just some guy trying to promote his own website, the competition is just as cutthroat. But let's say for a moment that we know exactly what keywords we want to rank for, how do we even go a

How To Make A Photography Blog

If you are just now starting out with your photography blog, this article is for you! When I first started my photography blog, I was lucky to have a few good friends to bounce images off of. They helped me see things that were obvious to them but not so much for me at the time. As you start out on your blogging journey - here are some helpful tips and tricks (that will make your friends want to punch you). 1. Forget about SEO There's no way that I'm going to teach you how to write meta descriptions or title tags or any of that stuff. Let's be honest, nobody knows what they're doing when it comes to WordPress SEO, let alone writing SEO specific content (and don't trust anyone who tells you otherwise). If you're really worried about SEO, there are lots of SEO plugins that will help. The best advice that I can give is to just write something that's worth reading and people will come visit your blog to read it. 2. Put your blog title in the post titles So what?

499+ New Directory Submission Sites for SEO 2022

Are you aware why listing submission websites are nonetheless helpful for your websites? Directory websites are these websites which include temporary details about what you are promoting in order that any search engine is aware of about what you are promoting by these websites. There are additionally some ways to get find out about your web site or enterprise to the search engine however net directories all the time make sooner indexes. Proper now many of the customers are wanting for excessive site visitors or DA listing websites which have additionally low spam scores with good DA, PA, TF and DR. There are various websites which might be offering itemizing enterprise within the type of SEO listing or free itemizing however that aren't completely and they're going to take away your web site after 1 or 2 years and on the identical time your backlinks rely will lower and that can impression in your web site authority. So all the time needless to say it's a must to discove

Backlink Dorks for SEO Link Building (Easiest Way To Create Backlinks)

We are all aware of the value of SEO links. More links to your site mean that search results are better ranked. But it is not a simple effort to develop links.  People prefer to post to their guests, utilize social bookmarking services, remark on other blogs and so on to create backlinks. The easiest approach to building links is to using backlink dorks. Google Dork is combine particular criteria of search, which can be applied to retrieve significant Google information. Also many Dorks can be use on all search engines. Some Common Dorks Example are below : Site: This phrase is used to search for websites. Site: Only Google shows the results from your search site:your websiteurl . Inurl: The output is filtered by this parameter based on the URL keywords. If you look inurl:blogging then Google will only give the search results that contains blogging in URL. Table of Contents Finding .Edu and Gov Backlinks "Scholorship" "Scholorshi