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High CPC Keywords List in Pakistan 2021 [$10+ Per Click]

Every time you get click on high CPC keyword, Adsense gives you lot of revenue from Adsense.  These Keyword can help you to earn more money by Adsense, a single click can earn you more than a dollar. Using the right keywords can make a lot of money on your website.  These list of Google Adsense high cost Pakistani keywords can be found here. We hope this article will help you get an attractive CPC.  here is a list of high cost-per-click keywords from AdSense Pakistan. So, you need to focus on the keywords that are right for you. You can make a lot of money with just a few clicks on the page. Keyword KD Volume Global Clicks CPC couchdb 57 60 11K 53 $35.00 madison wisconsin 91 50 59K 7 $35.00 online universities in usa 76 20 400 N/A $30.00 bowling green state university 52 80 23K 60 $25.00 uci mach