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69 Best Free Ping Submission Sites List For Indexing In Minutes 2021

Top Ping Submission Sites (Updated) Why ping submission websites? Your site will be notified by ping submission sites, which alert google and any other major search engines to your site or to any new posts on your website. Google indexes any site that is "pinged" by Google when it notices your site. These ping submission websites are great for those who have difficulty getting their site or posts indexed by Google. You can get more than 100 ping submission websites list 2019 for free and use it to ping you site, posts and backlinks. What is pinging? Pinging refers to the process of submitting your blog or site to search engines and web directories using pinging tools. The pinging tool is popular for quickly indexing your blog or site to major search engines. These tools will provide an automatic backlink which can help increase your site's ranking in organic search results. These ping submission sites are very popular and can help your blog, posts, and backlinks get i