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Making Money with Articles - Everything Need To Know

You are looking for a terrific approach to make money online, whether or not you have articles? You can generate money online with articles due to large content demands. Writers write for numerous reasons. For many reasons. Everyone wants to be a better writer, a dream of fame, but everybody wants money, a logical result of the above.  You want to get your hobby of writing and writing into your career. You want to be a professional writer. "Is it possible to make a life from writing and earn money by writing online?" Many people inquire if they should give up their employment and change their profession to writing? They dream of a job in which they write solely books, short tales and poetry and make money by writing.  "No!" we tell them all the time. Writing is a terrific hobby, but it may be a hard job to earn money from. You must also be particularly good at writing to make a living out of it. Also you can hire someone to write if you don't have an article, an

How to Create A Landing Page In WordPress?

Are you thinking of creating a landing page in WordPress? If yes, then this article is for you. Below we have shared how to create a landing page using Elementor in WordPress. Follow the below instructions carefully, and you will be done with your landing page. In this modern era, online presence has become a vital component. Youth worldwide do most of their shopping online, and they spend most of their time browsing the internet. Not only that, adults and even older people too are getting fascinated by the online platform. The reason for telling all that is simple; it proves the internet drives people. Now, most companies, manufacturers, and sellers are shifting to online platforms to sell their products and do business. If you are willing to take your business online, the social media presence is crucial, but another important thing is having a website. A website is just like an online brochure of your products or business. It contains all the different information about the busi

Why Blogging Is Important For Business ?

Blogging is one of the best and effective ways for business promotion. It improves the search engine ranking through on-site optimization, increases visibility and branding of your business online. There are various types of blogs viz., personal blog, company blog, niche/industry specific blog etc. Blogging can serve both as marketing tool and a part of social media strategy. Blogs help to attract more traffic to websites which results in more number of leads or sales for companies. It helps to increase brand awareness about your product or service among competitors in market.  Table of Contents [ hide ] They provide a great setting to improve the SEO ranking through keyword analysis and link building techniques so that it generates more organic traffic from Google search engine on regular basis. SO,  why blogging is important for business Blogs are visited by all kinds of people from different parts of the world. Regular readers of your blog come back to read your late

10 PPC Mistakes Only Beginners Make

PPC (pay per click) is a great way to get your site in front of browsers. And while it can be difficult, it’s not necessarily complicated. In a recent poll conducted by a popular PPC blog, a whopping 73% of respondents said that they had made it to the second level of PPC mastery or beyond. But unfortunately, that leaves 27% who have yet to get past beginner’s mistakes, and you could be one of them! This article will highlight beginners’ mistakes and what you can do to avoid them. PPC stands for “pay-per-click,” and it’s a marketing strategy that allows businesses to put their website in front of potential customers at the exact moment they’re looking for something specific. This is done through ads on search engines, such as Google and Bing, and social media sites like Facebook. Most paid search results appear above organic (or free) ones. If someone searches for “organic carrots,” for example, an ad from a business selling organic carrots should appear first (at least in theor

SEO Trick: How To Identify Good Backlinks [Important]

As everyone knows, backlinks are the crux of all SEO campaigns - they determine how high your site will rank in search results.  Having said that, it's important to know that not every backlink pointing to your site has the same value.  Some are more valuable than others which is why you need to be pro-active in identifying what type of backlink you have got so as to strategise better on improving them. What are good backlinks? Good backlinks are those which give considerable Google ranking power to your website.  It has been explained before by several experts that there are three types of links: Nofollow, DoFollow and Noindex.  When a link is tagged with "nofollow", search spiders won't follow it to your website.  A noindex link, on the other hand, doesn't influence your site's ranking in search engine results but serves as a signal to Google that it shouldn't index the page. Finally, there is the dofollow links which are attributed with high value by